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Sun 03 Aug

Aug 3 Brave vs. Scared

Aug 3 BLS / Things have NOT changed for the good

Aug 3 Re:Police Station

Aug 3 I Don't Blame You Norly

Aug 3 Police Station

Sat 02 Aug

Aug 2 This Wasn't June

Aug 2 Women's Unemployment Decreased In June

Aug 2 Fat Bastard

Aug 2 It's as simple as that

Aug 2 Unemployed Women Decrease

Aug 2 RE: He had the oportunity to meet him at a police station

Aug 2 Unemployed Women Increase

Aug 2 Never Happened?

Aug 2 RE: He says he's emailed Norly twice with an offer to meet

Aug 2 Batshit Crazy is...

Aug 2 Batshit Crazy - The Daily Currant

Aug 2 Re - Elizabeth Warren goes bat shit crazy! (Punches Lobbyist)

Fri 01 Aug

Aug 1 WTF RE Norly (The Owl)

Aug 1 Eric Garner

Aug 1 try to prove his claims about what he says I said

Thu 31 Jul

Jul 31 Report Them! (Curb That Stoner!)

Jul 31 More U6 for EV

Jul 31 To The EVs Out There

Jul 31 To The Norlys Out There

Jul 31 Looking for artists to sign a mixtape deal (phoenix az) map


Jul 31 Re:NORLY

Jul 31 George W. Bush writes bio of Bush Sr

Wed 30 Jul

Jul 30 Slowest Recovery Ever

Jul 30 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) (LIES)

Jul 30 Topher

Jul 30 RE: then claim it was about a post in another forum

Jul 30 Have to ARE him?

Jul 30 GDP Quarterly Back Up To 4%, Last Quarter Revised Upward

Jul 30 RE: stated that the address was Topher's / the same thing

Jul 30 Open Carry Kiss In (Tempe) pic map

Jul 30 RE: Yeah, they vote!

Tue 29 Jul

Jul 29 John Holdren And One World Gov't pic

Jul 29 RE: That is against the TOU

Jul 29 I'm a DEMOCRAT!!!!!!! (Arizona) pic

Mon 28 Jul

Jul 28 SARAH PALIN >>> PLEASE RUN IN 2016 !!!!!!! (Amreica) pic

Jul 28 TRUTH ! ... about Benghazi ( (Ouch) wrong agaaain) pic

Sun 27 Jul

Jul 27 TRUTH ! ... about Bush. (USA) pic

Jul 27 Sorry Ouch ... How to learn the real truth about Benghazi? ((Ouch, Fox News again?) pic

Sat 26 Jul

Jul 26 Not Today, Owl

Jul 26 Re: 2nd (The Owl)

Jul 26 Democrats (America) pic

Jul 26 Republicans (America) pic

Jul 26 2nd Post OWL Made

Jul 26 RE: Walmart (The Owl)

Jul 26 RE: Flagging (The Owl)

Jul 26 - Petition to Extend VOW to Hire Heroes, VRAP, & Wounded Warrior Act (Phoenix) pic map

Jul 26 The Games That "OWL" Plays (WalMart)

Jul 26 TRUTH ! ... about Benghazi (USA) pic

Jul 26 The Games EV plays (The Owl)

Fri 25 Jul

Jul 25 I'm not EV

Thu 24 Jul

Jul 24 RE: BMI at 68 years old is 23

Jul 24 The Person Deserved To Die Because He Was Fat

Jul 24 Just Another Lying Democrat

Jul 24 RE: BMI Argument

Wed 23 Jul

Jul 23 RE: That extra stress on his heart was enough to kill him.

Jul 23 RE: He was living just fine

Jul 23 REx3: Garner

Jul 23 Eric Garner BS

Mon 21 Jul

Jul 21 The Presidents Greatest Accomplishments

Jul 21 Threats

Sun 20 Jul

Jul 20 RE: I ask questions, and you want to threaten.

Jul 20 RE: Sensitive Much?

Sat 19 Jul

Jul 19 The CDC

Jul 19 Sensitive Much?

Jul 19 Outrage (The Global Citizens)

Jul 19 Layer vs. Pedafile

Jul 19 Go Ahead

Jul 19 RE: my neighbor

Jul 19 RE: why would the NYT even mention it being a Global War

Jul 19 RE: most people read headlines only

Jul 19 Who is Troy Hyde, Save our Future Now? (Arizona) map

Jul 19 RE: Pushing for another world war?

Fri 18 Jul

Jul 18 Does Rothschild own freescale?

Jul 18 Poor Poncho (Poncho's Nemesis) pic

Thu 17 Jul

Jul 17 Re:Be afraid, very afraid! (Here) pic map

Wed 16 Jul

Jul 16 Re: I hate to.... (The Owl)

Jul 16 Here is why they are not illegal (The OWL)

Jul 16 They are not illegal (The Owl)

Jul 16 Republican hypocrisy (The Owl)

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