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Sat Mar 29

Mar 29 16th Amendment

Fri Mar 28

Mar 28 Huppenthal Admitted AZ Education Was Improving BEFORE Common Core map

Mar 28 Sign the National Petition to Repeal the 16th Amendment map

Mar 28 Socialism versus Capitalism map

Mar 28 NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump map

Mar 28 Ukraine Support

Mar 28 More Attempts At Cover-Up

Mar 28 Senate Videotape Doesn't Lie (Hary Reid DOES)

Mar 28 Obama's NASA

Mar 28 Harry Reid

Mar 28 Kosovo: 15 Years Later (NATO)

Thu Mar 27

Mar 27 Minimum Wage Hike? (Increase The Deficit)

Mar 27 Blue Beats Green map

Mar 27 BMX, Railroading Of Fascism? map

Mar 27 Do you know who is behind Common Core State Standards? SURPRISE map

Mar 27 John Galt Youth Award map

Mar 27 Re: EV The Liar (ponchito) pic

Mar 27 6,200 People Sign Petition for Alaska to Secede and Join Russia (Wake the Flock Up!)

Mar 27 Want to help teach the community through video? (east valley) map

Mar 27 Dear Hillary (Duhsville)

Mar 27 Obama Polls Poorly (Unpopularville)

Wed Mar 26

Mar 26 Greenies

Mar 26 Obama's Grand Plan?

Mar 26 Un-Presidential

Mar 26 CL

Mar 26 Call it what you want, it's Planned Parenthood in the Tempe Schools map

Mar 26 Arpaio Bomber Found? map

Mar 26 What Is Social Justice? map

Mar 26 The Handbook Of Human Ownership map

Mar 26 Romney Takes on Tea Party in Idaho map

Mar 26 Sign The Petition For Unemployed Workers (Entire US) map

Mar 26 The Truth About "Shame On" Campaigns map

Mar 26 Egyptian Court Hands Down Largest Death Sentence in History map

Tue Mar 25

Mar 25 The Creepy Side Of Ghandi map

Mar 25 Karl Marx: Jabba The Hutt's Diet Book map

Mar 25 Bush/Putin

Mar 25 Ukraine


Mar 25 Middle School Field Trip: Every Gun Control Fanatic's Worst Nightmare map

Mar 25 THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: America's Stonehenge map

Mar 25 Deadline to Comment on Feds Listing Mexican Gray Wolf as Endangered map

Mar 25 Woman Kills Wolf Before Wolf Kills Her map

Mar 25 Lawmaker Rips Magazine Ban to Shreds map

Mar 25 Obama's disturbing threat to governors map

Mon Mar 24

Mar 24 Our Economy

Mar 24 A Few Truths

Mar 24 ACA

Mar 24 Physical Evidenc, NOT Computer Models

Mar 24 I Have No Issues With Common Core... Except map

Mar 24 Gilbert Schools New Governing Board Sets a Standard of Excellence map

Mar 24 Bob Worsley's Campaign Donors Will Make You Ill map

Mar 24 Vladimir Putin Full Length Documentary: The Putin System map

Sun Mar 23

Mar 23 re: Zionist....

Mar 23 I Only Take YOU For Stupid

Mar 23 Do We Own The World? (Biden Thinks So)

Mar 23

Sat Mar 22

Mar 22 Daily Kos

Mar 22 Who is Kenny? - Not Too Bright

Mar 22 Listen, IDIOT!

Mar 22 Re:re:Homophobe

Mar 22 Re:re:Not Too Smart

Mar 22 Stupid Move (New York)

Mar 22 Our Future

Mar 22 Vote Her Out?

Mar 22 57 percent of Colorado Hispanics disapprove of Obamacare - map

Mar 22 April 10-11, 2014: Center for Self-Governance Classes-Level 3 map

Mar 22 U.S. Job Creation Stall-jobs lost in Great Recession will never return map

Mar 22 Help Sen. Grassley defund Common Core map

Mar 22 Amnesty for All, Jobs for None map

Mar 22 OK map

Mar 22 Crimea

Mar 22 Common Core gets AWFUL review in new study

Mar 22 Name Calling

Fri Mar 21

Mar 21 Storch

Mar 21 6 Million New

Mar 21 Interesting Story

Mar 21 Explain To US Please

Mar 21 Industry Officials (Libtardville)

Mar 21 FBI and Pentagon probe MD Helicopter financier's business deal (Making millions off Pentagon fraud) pic

Mar 21 The Fed

Mar 21 Coming Soon To A Town Near You

Mar 21 Government Controlled Media (Transparency?)

Mar 21 Obamacare Lies

Thu Mar 20

Mar 20 Building The Machine (The Common Core Movie) Trailer map

Mar 20 Jill Humphreys Votes To Not Cooperate With Police Investigation map


Mar 20 Maybe, Just Maybe

Mar 20 From Beirut to Jerusalem (Thomas L Friedman)

Mar 20 Truth about israel map

Mar 20 Saddam Hussein: Philantrophy Of Terror

Mar 20 Libya (Happy Libtardville)

Mar 20 Do you enjoy drinking water? You better read this!!! pic map

Mar 20 Invading Army?

Mar 20 Detroit/Canada (LMAO)

Mar 20 Hurting Global Economy (Egoville)

Mar 20 OK Libtard, Tell Us...... (Libtardville)

Mar 20 Paying my Corporate Welfare Taxes to all those "Rugged Individualists" (Arizona) pic

Wed Mar 19

Mar 19 Come on, states, let's pare back the feds' power! map

Mar 19 ACTION ITEM! Arizona's Last Chance map

Mar 19 Obamacare Premiums

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