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Wed Apr 16

Apr 16 Re Abortion (Satan) pic


Apr 16 PET RECYLE IT MAKES GOOD SENSE (repost by popular demand DB4) map

Apr 16 No more liars cheats and ripp offs please!!!! (had enough) pic

Apr 16 Obama has golf game lined up with Tiger Woods......... (only costs tax payers 1 million) pic map

Apr 16 According to Obama the economy is doing great! (Based on the past, is it really?) pic

Tue Apr 15


Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 CBO

Apr 14 I love a tea party (MISS ZOA) pic

Apr 14 Re re: Ya'll Tea-Baggots sure funny little humans (U-S-A !!!!!!) (Doc) (DB4) pic

Apr 14 Anyone interested?... pic map

Sun Apr 13

Apr 13 Scott Brown (US Senate)

Apr 13 Networks Refused Prime-Time Slot for President's Obamacare Speech (DB4) pic

Apr 13 Poncho's girlfriend (Rad Dude) pic

Sat Apr 12

Apr 12 What is the difference (Rad Dude) pic

Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 Ofukmecare has destroyed the economy and healthcare in the USA (lets stop this piece of shit legislation) pic

Apr 11 Re stupid enough to believe him a solution (Topher65) pic

Wed Apr 09

Apr 9 Three contractors are bidding (Rad Dude) pic

Tue Apr 08

Apr 8 RE Sarah Palin (Rad Dude) pic

Mon Apr 07

Apr 7 Tea Party gave Obama a Shellacking in 2010...LOL (can't wait for round #2, in 2014)

Apr 7 That doesn't make any sense either! pic map

Apr 7 Four surgeons were sitting around (Rad Dude) pic

Sun Apr 06

Apr 6 1/2 million white Christian Republicans died to end slavery (Makes me proud to be called one today!)

Apr 6 yard sale (3725 e glenrosa) map

Sat Apr 05

Apr 5 what this country REALLY needs... map

Fri Apr 04

Apr 4 Scottish Association of Clan Fleming (Arizona) pic map

Wed Apr 02


Tue Apr 01

Apr 1 The "Wonderful" UN

Apr 1 RSS Feed

Mon Mar 31

Mar 31 wanted concerned citizens (1400 w washington ) map

Fri Mar 28

Mar 28 Obama

Wed Mar 26

Mar 26 Lies, Lies, And More Lies

Mar 26 Hiding Facts

Mar 26 Margaret Sanger

Tue Mar 25

Mar 25 Pretense

Sat Mar 22

Mar 22 Just How Stupid Can Obama Be?

Fri Mar 21

Mar 21 ACA

Mar 21 George Carlin was NOT a global warming denier you liar. (and he HATED right wingers even MORE!) map

Thu Mar 20

Mar 20 Like Big Government? map

Mar 20 Go figure this... (state of hate.) pic

Wed Mar 19

Mar 19 Re:Biden

Mar 19 Obama Finds Malaysian Airlines Plane

Mon Mar 17

Mar 17 Obama admits whose at fault for the Benghazi attack.... (media shocked!) pic

Mar 17 Liberal Cowards pic map

Mar 17 Liberal Obama's Bizarre Immigration Rules pic map

Sun Mar 16

Mar 16 John Kerry

Wed Mar 12

Mar 12 Scientists

Tue Mar 11

Mar 11 Rep. Krysten Sinema Was 100% Correct map

Sun Mar 09

Mar 9 Jews/Guns/Libtards

Sat Mar 08

Mar 8 Perfect Example map

Thu Mar 06

Mar 6 Sanctions pic map

Mar 6 RE: Re: Bullshit

Mar 6 Liberals Can Govern map

Mar 6 Bullshit

Wed Mar 05

Mar 5 Question

Mar 5 Ponchito &wallows (BCM) pic map

Mar 5 RE:Counter-protest to old women (BCM9091)

Mon Mar 03

Mar 3 Afghanistan

Sun Mar 02

Mar 2 Russia has the right to defend its country. (CCCP) pic map

Mar 2 re: Putin invaded Georgia too, and Obama never did anything

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