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posted thu sep 18

Sep 18 ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) pic

Sep 18 So the rocks did come from your head? (over yonder) pic map

Sep 18 Re:Yellen

Sep 18 Re : Good thing that you're not our president! (you fat turd) pic

Sep 18 Good thing that you're not our president! (over there) pic map

Sep 18 ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) pic

posted wed sep 17

Sep 17 Let's make all liberals adopt an illegal & pay for all their needs.. (make them legaly adopt them) pic

Sep 17 Re;cinema (the adult book store) map

Sep 17 shut your trap you gold digger! map

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) pic

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 AIRPAC ?

Sep 15 Alternative Transportation (Online)

posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 Same old Liberals, different president (USA) pic map

posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 IS/CIA Mistakes

posted thu sep 11

Sep 11 It's a quagmire! (T Mid-East) pic map

Sep 11 College Educated People?

Sep 11 The Rothschilds Own Israel -- and Direct its Genocidal Policy (ZOA)

Sep 11 Prediction pic

Sep 11 Links Please

posted wed sep 10

Sep 10 Maybe You Didn't Read Down Far Enough, Norly

Sep 10 Statistics are WHAT?

Sep 10 Re:re:Zero Chance

Sep 10 a great speech! (outside the blue room) pic

Sep 10 Tonight our leader speaks! (d.c) pic

posted tue sep 9

Sep 9 re: to live with in pic

posted mon sep 8

Sep 8 Re : re;) F BABY BOOMERS! (Gen-Y) (Here you go Tards) pic

Sep 8 Looking for Angel Investors for political start-up (Phoenix) map

posted sat sep 6

Sep 6 Re:Mendocino county line pic map

Sep 6 Herro! pic map

Sep 6 Why bother posting your nonsense? (Over there) pic map

posted fri sep 5

Sep 5 i love my country..... bur fear my governtment T-shirts $12.95 (N/E Mesa AZ) map

Sep 5 George Walker Bush was right (Iraq) pic map

Sep 5 I am sick of politicians!

posted wed sep 3

Sep 3 the watch pic

Sep 3 PHX VALLEY OF THE SPUN (n. phoenix)

posted tue sep 2

Sep 2 1 Pedro 4

posted mon sep 1

Sep 1 No plan for Syria. (The Mid East) pic map

Sep 1 That didn't make any sense either. (Over there) map

Sep 1 Re:Our constitution (USA) pic map

Sep 1 We can help you escape America (USA)

posted sat aug 30

Aug 30 REx6: Age

posted thu aug 28

Aug 28 Your rebuttal was unnecessary. (Here) pic map

Aug 28 Re:Re:Get this straight (Here) pic map

Aug 28 please help map

posted wed aug 27

Aug 27 Even the Pope thinks ISIS should be exterminated! (The Middle East) map

posted tue aug 26

Aug 26 Toast update! map

Aug 26 Re:Are you mad? (Over there) pic map

posted mon aug 25

Aug 25 That seems a little bit far fetched. (Nigeria) pic map

Aug 25 'It's Time For Us to Change' (DB4)

posted sun aug 24

Aug 24 Problems with your golf game? (Over yonder) pic map

Aug 24 That's What It Says

posted thu aug 21

Aug 21 Punches were thrown at the police. (Ferguson & elsewhere) pic map

Aug 21 IS

posted wed aug 20

Aug 20 Typical Obama Move

Aug 20 We must destroy ISIS! (The Middle East) pic map

Aug 20 Was Foley's Killer Former GITMO Inmate? (James Foley)

posted tue aug 19

Aug 19 Kevin Jackson

Aug 19 Never Really Thought Of It That Way (Porn Pics) pic

Aug 19 EV ... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

Aug 19 Posse Comitatus ... EV BLAH

Aug 19 More Obama Union Woes

posted mon aug 18

Aug 18 Darwin was right! map

Aug 18 Re:Dem's Taxes vs. Rep's Taxes

Aug 18 Whatcha Doin' WV?

posted sat aug 16

Aug 16 Blame it on Bush again! pic map

Aug 16 The jealousy remains! (For whom the bell tolls) pic map

posted fri aug 15

Aug 15 Re:"F" In Funny pic

Aug 15 Put the "F" in funny! (Here) pic map

Aug 15 Follow the Leader

Aug 15 All Republican's Fault

Aug 15 Re:Stock market crash? (here) pic map

Aug 15 About the Stock Market

posted tue aug 12

Aug 12 5 1/2 Years

Aug 12 Save the Thanksgiving Holiday for all of our Families (Anthem)

Aug 12 It also looks like...

posted mon aug 11

Aug 11 Clinton A Hero?

Aug 11 Nearly a decade? (Iraq) pic map

Aug 11 Economy Not That Grand Say Liberal Mayors

Aug 11 U.S. Government sanctioned harassment!!!

posted sun aug 10

Aug 10 Lots of levers! (Hum V) pic map

Aug 10 Idiotic ISIS terrorist thugs (Iraq) pic map

Aug 10 I Didn't Know They Weren't The JV Team. pic

posted sat aug 9

Aug 9 Speaking of abortions.......... pic map

Aug 9 Yeah Sure

Aug 9 Iraq Dreams and Lies

Aug 9 Margaret Sanger Quotes

posted fri aug 8

Aug 8 Margaret Sanger (American Elitists)

Aug 8 Obama's EO

Aug 8 Unemployment

Aug 8 Solving the world's problems. (Erbil Iraq) pic map

posted thu aug 7

Aug 7 Justice of the Peace (Maricopa county) pic

posted wed aug 6

Aug 6 Christine Jones for governor? (Arizona) map

Aug 6 Lottery update! pic map

posted tue aug 5

Aug 5 re: Fix America

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