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Thu Apr 24

Apr 24 National Socialism Will Put You all to work (Norby)

Wed Apr 23

Apr 23 A fatal wait: Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret list

Apr 23 RE: Over 8 million unemployed no longer counted as unemployed

Apr 23 Empty Promises

Apr 23 Re:re:False (Er, uh, YEP)

Apr 23 2 most manipulated numbers by obama (unemployment and health care) (DB4) pic

Apr 23 Lowlife Rednecks and Mexicans think they can push feds (Liberatcion)

Apr 23 RE: FALSE ... uhm, nope pic

Apr 23 Over 8 million unemployed no longer counted as unemployed.... (If Obama say so, we all say so!)

Apr 23 I pledge allegiance to Mexico, not the U.S. (Many divided races under Obama......) pic

Apr 23 1/2 million white Christian Republicans died to end slavery (Makes me proud to be called one today!)

Apr 23 Evidence: Michelle Obama is a transvestite man (Poncho) img

Apr 23 Holocaust Con Is On Again img


Apr 23 ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) img

Apr 23 A train hits a bus load of nuns (Rad Dude) pic

Apr 23 Anyone interested?... pic map

Apr 23 ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) pic

Apr 23 Petition for Foster Parents (Everywhere) map

Apr 23 more federal shits and giggles (to love and to loathe...) (ZOA)

Apr 23 New Poll: More Than Two-Thirds Of Veterans Disapprove Of Obama (DOC) pic

Apr 23 China/Japan Island Dispute

Apr 23 FALSE

Apr 23 Number of Millionaires in Congress: 261 ( They are the 1%)

Apr 23 Exposed- BLM Contractors Abuse a Donkey NBC News 04/12/13 (Honest Leaders)

Apr 23 Hidden Agenda Behind Rise Of "Domestic Terrorist Label" (Home )

Tue Apr 22

Apr 22 Republican (USA) pic

Apr 22 RE: Making You Pay Your Grazing Fees

Apr 22 Something Liberals Don't Want You To Know

Apr 22 Second Amendment

Apr 22 Doesn't This Make You Proud?

Apr 22 Poncho's girlfriend (Rad Dude) pic

Apr 22 RE: The Greatest Liar ... One Million Dollar Golf


Apr 22 BLM: We Have Ways Of Making You Pay Your Grazing Fees map

Apr 22 EPA: We're Here to Check The Water map

Apr 22 Re the Second Amendment. (DB4) pic

Apr 22 McDonalds Free Tickets Gospel Tour (McDonald's )

Apr 22 re: Second Amendment Facts pic

Apr 22 Reproductive choice happens before conception, not during abortion! (or afterbirth abortion as Obama believes)

Apr 22 Ofukmecare has destroyed the economy and healthcare in the USA (lets stop this piece of shit legislation) pic

Apr 22 According to Obama the economy is doing great! (Based on the past, is it really?) pic

Apr 22 Second Amendment Facts (by a gun owner) (Arizona)

Apr 22 Next generation will pay the debt for gifts promised by Obam today! (Trillions added to debt every year) pic

Apr 22 Media Matters Hypocrites!

Apr 22 Affirmative Action

Apr 22 Obama has golf game lined up with Tiger Woods......... (only costs tax payers 1 million) pic map

Apr 22 No more liars cheats and ripp offs please!!!! (had enough) pic

Apr 22 And The Jepordy Answere Is (JUDGES) pic

Apr 22 TUHSD Sex Ed Worries Catholics map

Apr 22 please help me (maricopa)

Mon Apr 21

Apr 21 I Wonder Why pic

Apr 21 Three nuns were taking a walk one day. (Rad Dude) pic

Apr 21 Ayers

Apr 21 relax and enjoy some good girl-scout-cookies (Topher65)

Apr 21 As long as radical Islam gets a pass and Christianity get's demonized (MISS ZOA)

Apr 21 where is Topher (Poncho) pic

Apr 21 Red State Dims abandon Obama's sinking ACA ship pic


Apr 21 Bundy's Daugher arrested (FBI) pic

Apr 21 REx4: Ayers

Apr 21 It's Official: Your Taxes Pay Terrorists (ZOA) pic

Apr 21 ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) pic

Apr 21 Nope

Apr 21 Ayers

Apr 21 RE: The simple fact is that it is emitting more CO2. Period.

Apr 21 REx3: Ayers

Apr 21 Ethanol

Apr 21 re:re:Bill Ayers

Apr 21 Jobs

Apr 21 RE: Reagan

Apr 21 Where Did Your Tax Money Go? map

Apr 21 RE: knee jerk reaction

Sun Apr 20


Apr 20 RE: Where Are the REAL Democrats? (Here They Are!) pic

Apr 20 What Was So Great About the Great Bush Recession? (Arizona)

Apr 20 Tea Husslers pay your bills! (Arizona)

Apr 20 How to Greatly Reduce Illegal Immigration (Arizona)

Apr 20 Faux News (Arizona)

Apr 20 Demand Less Govenment! (Arizona) pic

Apr 20 Ronald Regan Big Spending and Corruption Facts (Arizona)

Apr 20 For Those Enraged About Benghazi (Arizona) pic

Apr 20 RE: Bill Ayers

Apr 20 Re:Left handed monkey wrench pic map

Apr 20 RE Atheist (DB4) pic

Apr 20 Re:Daffy Duck

Apr 20 Biofuels

Apr 20 Traffic Hints (I-10/ US 60) pic map

Apr 20 re: Larry Pinkney

Apr 20 Atheist

Apr 20 RE: counted only if they used government resources to find a job

Apr 20 4/20 Easter (Topher65) pic

Apr 20 Planned Parenthood in the Churches AND the PTA! map

Apr 20 Black Panther Larry Pinkney race baiting Al Sharpton fbi informant (America)

Apr 20 The Athiest died, and asked God, "why didn't you leave more evidence?" (God Said, how much more did you need?)


Apr 20 Need advice. Marriage

Sat Apr 19

Apr 19 See How Close We Are (Congressional Record)

Apr 19 Re:Socialism

Apr 19 Uncovering the Secrets and Exposing the Lies pic

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