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posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 Obamacare Enrollment Failures

Sep 16 Re:Contrary

Sep 16 mccain admitted to meeting with ISIS in syria map

Sep 16 RE: AIRPAC ? (ZOA) pic

Sep 16 Get involved helping Re-Elect Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema 2014 (2785 W. Ray Rd. Suite 14)

Sep 16 Reagan's Incompetence and Corruption Facts. (Arizona)

Sep 16 Get involved helping Re-Elect Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema 2014 pic map

Sep 16 Get involved helping Re-Elect Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema 2014 pic map

Sep 16 Gallup: Distrust in Executive Branch Nearing Nixon-Watergate Levels pic


Sep 16 re: Contrary

Sep 16 Progressive Porky pic

Sep 16 NATO Is Good Jewish Business (ZOA) pic

Sep 16 Thank you President Obama (Arizona) pic

Sep 16 I'm Missing Nixon (ZOA) pic

Sep 16 Contrary To Libtard Claims

Sep 16 Illegal Syrian Bombing

Sep 16 Re:re:War Powers

Sep 16 Beware of GOPP Porky! (Arizona) pic

Sep 16 Nixon Was A Disgrace! (Arizona) pic

Sep 16 re: war powers

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 War Powers?

Sep 15 Re: Dear Join pic

Sep 15 San Francisco Gate

Sep 15 Re: The pic

Sep 15 Dear John

Sep 15, uh, Progressive Agenda

Sep 15 Rocky And Iran

Sep 15 The Change We Were Promised

Sep 15 Dear Cheerleader

Sep 15 AIRPAC ?

Sep 15 re:Re:re:McCaskill

Sep 15 CYA Hillary (The Democrat Way)

Sep 15 AIRPAC?

Sep 15 Re:Get A Clue

Sep 15 re:Kyrsten Synema (from Thursday)

Sep 15 RE: You are the moron, Norly.

Sep 15 Re:re:McCaskill

Sep 15 ISIS

Sep 15 RE: McCaskill

Sep 15 re: (Arizona) pic

Sep 15 I Am Not Now... (Arizona)

Sep 15 RE: Fantasies pic

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 Fantasies

Sep 14 Stupid Fuck? (Here you go!) pic map

Sep 14 Incompetent (Slug-Ville) pic map

Sep 14 RE: Rudy Dent was there

Sep 14 RE: WTC 7

Sep 14 WTC 7

Sep 14 Call To Action - No more killings pic map

Sep 14 9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open (INFOWARS!)

Sep 14 McCaskill And Gov't Stats

posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 Norly Arrested! pic


Sep 13 Re:Carter/Reagan

Sep 13 Bush/Obama

Sep 13 Same old Liberals, different president (USA) pic map

Sep 13 Has our illustrious Law Prof. become a "War Pimp"? (looks like) pic

Sep 13 This post will be hated

posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 Obama's Illegal War?

Sep 12 IS/CIA Mistakes

Sep 12 Re:Nixon/Agnew

Sep 12 How Empires End (ZOA)

Sep 12 I am sick of politicians!

posted thu sep 11

Sep 11 Kyrsten Sinema, another AIPAC bitch pic map

Sep 11 RE: Snotty End

Sep 11 Tell You What, Norly

Sep 11 RE: Poor Norly

Sep 11 To The "Cheerleaders"

Sep 11 It's a quagmire! (T Mid-East) pic map


Sep 11 re: proud "fake" black guy

Sep 11 RE: College

Sep 11 Giant Sucking Sound (No, I don't mean Poncho with Ben Dover) (ZOA)

Sep 11 Ron Paul, the Gateway Drug (ZOA)

Sep 11 From Conservative to Anarchist (ZOA)

Sep 11 Doublespeak: Ten Illuminati Buzzwords (ZOA)

Sep 11 ISIS - 'Kill The Blondes' - True Story Of Genocide (ZOA) pic

Sep 11 A Jewish Defector Warns America - VID (ZOA)

Sep 11 Proud Black American Tells It Straight

Sep 11 College Educated People?

Sep 11 Obama vs. Bush Vacation Days. (Arizona) pic

Sep 11 Scottsdale Elitists get Taxpayer Freebee (Scottsdale)

Sep 11 Not No Never Norly

Sep 11 Liberial Fraud For Fat Lindas (east side to poncho)

Sep 11 No Norly

Sep 11 MY Grasp Of The English Language?

Sep 11 "Lives In The Balance" (ZOA)

Sep 11 The Rothschilds Own Israel -- and Direct its Genocidal Policy (ZOA)

Sep 11 Talkin' 'bout My Gen_gen_gen_gen_Generation!!! (BOOMER)

Sep 11 F BABY BOOMERS! (Gen-Y)

Sep 11 There Is NO Norly

Sep 11 RE: stop responding to posts that are addressed to him

Sep 11 Prediction pic

Sep 11 re: unforseen

Sep 11 Links Please

Sep 11 N O R L Y pic

Sep 11 Unforeseen Events? pic

Sep 11 Re: Let Me

Sep 11 Good Speech, But.....

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