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Lil Kim



RE: if the Shaw was not supported

Poor EV


Cuban vs. Russian Sanctions

Fire the ctiy council members! (Phoenix Arizona) map

Re:Sitting At The Keyboard Mad?

Government Blackmail

RE: Obama blames the US sanctions for all of Cuba's woes

Government Waste (Lot's Of It)


RE: Economy getting better / Food Stamps 2013


Glo-Bull Warming??????? (OK, let's go there!)

Partisan Political report

Islamophobia? (No)

PONCHO = (Here) pic

CPS/ DCS You have hurt my children. (You have ignored reports from good peopl) pic

WHO are the real LIARS, ABUSERS, and KIDNAPPERS?!?!? (Give My Daughters Back! ) pic

Slow Recovery

RE: More Bush and Cheney War Criminal Evidence! (Arizona) (This Green Earth)

As I would have you believe?

Believe Those Iranians!

Food Stamp Numbers

Does It Bother You Poncho

Free - love - common good (Anywhere)

Shame on you! pic map

RE: KAYLA, WHERE ARE YOU?? (Happy Birthday From Crying Mom) (Well)

re: Doc & Norly

Thanks Ronald Reagan

RE: Doc? What's he have to do with it?

RE: 200 That's a claim you could never back up.

RE: liar without any proof


RE: Racism is how you treated people here.

McCain you mindless idiot (USA) map

RE: Hispanic is not a race nor is it a religion, it's an ethnicity

RE: I didn't say there was no difference.

Re: This is no different

Norly Forgets

RE: You and at least two friends

RE: That image wasn't racist at all.

RE: All the latest polls

Who's The Racist?

Proven Wrong? pic

RE: stop any and all honest debate

Hey Norly!

RE: admit error

Obama Logic? pic

Obama Mispoke

RE: Obama made a misstatement about Europe

Part of Europe

RE: Got caught again (YawnsVille)

RE: repeated what I said all along

Where are the jobs? Ask the Boomers.

RE: He specifically stated Europe.

Our Jobless Youth

C span map

Obama Logic pic

moving sale (4450 East Willow Avenue Phoenix) map

Fannie And Freddie

RE: 4 Times

RE: number one economy in the world

RE: Nuff said

RE: Didn't Like This, Eh Norly?

RE: Dodge



REx3: 20,000

20,000 / Proof

REx2: Litle Tip


We Need Bad Credit Call Now!!! (2301 w buckeye rd) pic map

ALTdotNERD.com! A free Message Board looking for Political Content! pic

RE: Norly At It Again

RE: she was right about those death panels

RE: "legitimate constitutional scholar"

RE: You mean like Obama

Dear Poncho

Deliverance Fish

RE: my post was flagged off almost immediately

RE: culture of stupidity

RE: I never said "American" leader. I said BLACK LEADER.

Farrakhan? Leader?

First Fish

Sheriff "Women First" Mack?


RE: I didn't see the term democratic mentioned there.

Lose this coming Presidential election

He Got His Ass Kicked?

RE: Both were classified until Clinton declassified them

Yeah, "just" in "2000"

RE: NASA just admitted that the sensors on several satellites

RE: they really never KNEW how thick it was

RE: thicker than they thought

Where did you learn to read?

Couple Flies Nazi Flag to protest...

Ferguson Ablaze

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