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Terrorists, NOT Insurgents

look into it a little bit pic

"indigenous long term"

Read and weeeeep

RE:NOT have insurance because of Obamacare [..] the CBO mentioned them

About the ACA and Deductibles


Fox Lies, You Lie

Economic Freedom

Re:Grave Menace


Things Are Just So Great (NOT!!)

EV the liar

Back To The Basics ... Lies #2000-2004

RE: Nuclear Power Plants

Kiss His Ring, Obama

The Explicit Problem...

RE: If no one caught them doing this

More EV Revisionism

REPOST: "Design data on F-35 stolen in 2007"

REPOST: Almost A Direct Copy Of A F-35?

Some More Reading Material

Check Out More No Kidding Nice Stuff

Why Lie Like This? (Politics Is Why)

Al Gore invented Globull Warming and the internet (lucky us!) pic

Norly Hat Trick

Arizona State Building Sold - No Mistake

The Sanitized Doc

Arguing Insanely

Terrorized By ARIZONA DCF? (WE NEED YOU!!!)

About Hitting Nerves

What Happened, Bob?

"Sociopath", he whispered softly in my ear...

I Really Am Hoping You Want Meet

Much Brawn, No Brain

Nothing To Back It Up


Re:Crossing Paths

Karma-Crossed Paths

Recording Artist


S'more Denial?

Demfucks = The American Taliban (Doc of death)

More Denial, Right Norly?

Deny It Later

Not The Use Of The Plural

Re:Know What You Posted?

Groups Of Craigslist Posters Waiting To Shoot

You Have Demanded Proof Of What You Posted

Re:Irony Or Something

Afraid of Craigslist Posters

Nuts or Something?



Afraid of Craiglist Posters

RE: Anyway, you never did provide that proof.

Touched Nerves and Contradicting Theories

Quotes Based On Assumptions

About Quoted Statements

Building Bald-Faced Bridges

How Close Are We?

Hey Barkeep


Glad To Entertain

RE: Republican, Through and Through

RE: Blocked My Account? / Rules

RE: Unprofessional? Really?

Low Oil Prices

RE: Evidently...

RE: I try to keep out of this crap between you two

You are welcome, yet again...

Free Fox News

RE: Determined To Flag Everyone Else Off

On more than one occasion...

RE: Prove it

RE: fast to call anyone a racist

You are Welcome...

No Gentle Giant ... Only A Racist Putz

RE: Whomp!

RE: Needless to say...

I do not hate to tell you this, EV

RE: Wow, I started with a 300 baud modem

Al Gore Invented The Internet

RE: Norly the Magnificient [sic] (LAX) pic

RE: Please explain why...

God vs. Godwin

RE: Narcissists

RE: one of the best indicators


RE: Godwin

Re:WOW pic map


Godwin's Law

RE: God's plan???



RE: Godwin's Law eh?

1000-Year Reich? pic

RE: 1,000 Year Reich

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