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Contrary To Denier Views

No Media Bias

Media Bias? Network Silence? Really?

RE: never mention it

RE: whiny about it

Be Careful, People

Cato totally controlled by Koch?

RE: you still think there is only one other poster here

RE: I never stated they were bi-partisan

RE: Translation

RE: Koch Bros Donations

Blatant racial hypocrisy (This spot)

Koch / Soros

Koch Brothers

Body Armor / Muslim Gangs


CATO non-partisan?

Sweden cedes Control of Muslim Areas

RE: No Go Zones - That was accurate.

No Go Zones / Sweden Report

RE: The web site you ridiculed had nothing to do with what I posted

Sweden / Speisa.com

RE: 2% ? Not even close

I post link, therefore I'm right!

SNAP 97.5% effective!


Do the right thing. (Community Service)

HEY: This is my whole point (Grrrrr) (Zip it bitch) (Grrrrr)

This is my whole point (Grrrrr)

US Muslim Groups Listed As Terrorist Orgs

RE: DNC ( grrrrrrr) (Poncho ) (Grrrrrr)

Windmills [...] kill [...] the occasional passer by person.

Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin

Loss Of American Industry

RE: Poncho is not the one flagging (Poncho) (grrrrr)

Deficit Record

RE: EV this EV that (Oh?)

RE: Math - arithmatic (Poncho) (that is)

EV, or the Art of Making it Something Blah-di-blah-blah ... else

RE: Mr.Obama passing another amnesty bill like Mr.Reagan

RE: OMG.. the clinton balanced budget bullshit again (ranting) (NOW!)

RE: Obama has had ample time to fix and hasn't

Tight Wad / Norly Profane

Republican Nonsense 101 - No. 2

RE: gaping, festering asshole

More Lies

Norly, just what are your credentials


"Design data on F-35 stolen in 2007"

More lies

IE-IE (10-Hectors)

Credentials pic

RE: According to you, Moore was telling the truth about everything

Almost A Direct Copy Of A F-35?

CNSNews, Western Journalism, IBD?

This Guy Makes It Clear

GOP already in lame excuse mode

RE: China is already producing about 20% of their power... pic

China goes green

Cuts or No Cuts

Eight New Senate Seats

Michael Moore

Yup! China Go Green!

An-Loc calls you back (herewego) pic

Micheal Moore?

Republican Nonsense 101 - No. 1

Michael Moore says... (specific)

You know they're good... (Jessie Pinkman) pic

RE: RE: US and China Reach Historic Climate Change Deal (chinese wall)

RE: US and China Reach Historic Climate Change Deal

4 little (over this)

RE: Yes there are three (Poncho) (Over there)

Good Morning all. (This spot)

RE: I have a right to my opinion

RE: no problem with universal healthcare being available to everyone

We Told You Before

believe whatever they wish ... makes you look stupid


Christianity....................... pic


RE: I do whatever it takes

Stupidity Of The Voter (Stupidville)

Crying? Fun?

REx2: Business Travels

RE: Christianity . . . . .

Business Travels

RE: Mr.Bush did not create the mess in the Mid-East

RE: claimed she didn't mention race at any time




No Racial Slurs

Elections rigged??? pic

RE: I don't remember it that way at all.

Arizona National Guard

The Police Acted Stupidly

Christianity...... pic

RE: Ever hear of the Arizona National Guard?


Idiots with Pitchforks

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