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No Racial Slurs

Elections rigged??? pic

RE: I don't remember it that way at all.

Arizona National Guard

The Police Acted Stupidly

Christianity...... pic

RE: Ever hear of the Arizona National Guard?


Idiots with Pitchforks

RE: This Could Be Done In A Matter Of Days

Israel Went to Extraordinairy Length...

More Than Meets The Eye?

To Turn People from Christianity

Uh, Poncho

Heli Arc and the Argo-Nots

RE:RE: Argon (Just getting dumber)

RE:Tell Us Libtard (Even dumber)

Tell Us Libtard

ARGON stupidity (People r dumb on here)

Re:Peanut Gallery pic

In One Presidential Ear And Out The Other?

RE: Does This Link Suit

Dear Doc

RE: Dracula? really? Where did he post any article from him?

RE: Radical Nazi News Sites?

Radical Nazi News Sites?

Here we go again

New Progressive swimwear requirements.. pic

Dear Doc

RE: Great Red State of Arizona

Swedish Go-Go Zones (Doc)

By stating...

Dear Poncho

RE: that there are not Muslim immigrant problems in Europe

RE: haven't provided proof that [someone] ha[s]n't created no go zones

They were referred in that very same report as immigrant youth gangs

RE: More Lies

Muslim "No Go Zones"

need ride to Carlsbad/san diego from phoenix/tempe area (tempe beach park) map


Coming Soon To A Town Near You

RE: this could be done in a matter of days

RE: Obama's Home State


Chris Mathews

RE: The donkey started at the time of the Jackson administration


RE: Not Worthy of a Capitalized Name

Was that a sack of...

U-6 ... It's What's Really Happening

U-6: Not The Real Number

Question Them?

Real Figures and Truth

Numbers Right On

Important Lies From the West Valley

RE: Why is it that foreign diplomats get free healthcare

How Many Votes Will Be Fraudulent?

No one else seems to know?

I Love It ...

Anti IBM system

Obama Legacy: Almost Nothing

Obsessed much? pic

Star Wars / SDI Has Become Reality?

RE: not even close to what Reagan stated

RE: Tell us...

Red Baron pic

East Valley Dolt Alarm!


Calling It As It Is


EV pic

RE: It WAS a new interpretation of an existing law.

RE: Suddenly Decided To Enforce

RE: just because a law was on the books

RE: Part Your Hair

RE: Making Up New Laws?

REx3: Increase

RE: Reagan's plan included ground based systems as well.

Canvasser with Vote Arizona Forward

RE: Star Wars Program ... Maybe Reagan was right

Campaign Looking for Dedicated Volunteers (Camelback RD)

RE: Think You Disproved Something

RE: Shouting Islamic Epithets

Glo-Bull Warming??????? (OK, let's go there!)

REx2: So Very You

REx3: Canada

RE: Canada


The Bidens


RE: All our government has to do is to follow them.

Boogey Man

RE: He brags about controlling the issues

Censorship and Total Control

RE: Still Ebola (VA Hospital) map

RE: Still Ebola

RE: Why doesn't he act like he did in Egypt and Libya?

RE: Why isn't Obama supporting their freedoms?

Medical Qualifications?

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