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A Handful

Yes, I Did (Norly) pic

RE: You Win / Another Useless Argument / Crazies

RE: Petraeus

General Spoke The Truth

To Most Americans...

Votes Count More Than Words

RE: Hillary referring to one of our top generals as General "Betrayus"


Re:Life On The Line

RE: Oh, it was OK for a Senator

RE: Almost as bad

Phoenix New Times Linked To Sex Trafficking Of Children map

RE: A woman fighter pilot dropped bombs on I.S.I.S.

Re:re:Another Response

RE: Another Response

RE: when Dems do it, it's called survival

Another Response

RE: the lie that Dems are against big money in politics

RE: Everyone here knows it?

Only Fox

Not Even Close, Norly

No, I am not EV


Wait! pic

Wait! pic

World War 3 for Dummies (5 Stars!) (nj) pic

Lying - A Conservation "Value"

Responding To Everything

Bye Bye, Eric

RE: talking about YOU

RE: 47 cruise missiles is the end game

Re:Obama Says

RE: Obama says...

Constitutional Rights

Wait! This Can't Be!

RE: The Shirt Thing

Preparing Earth

RE: Another Loss Of Free Speech

RE: "they know damned well we won't use nukes unless they do""

RE: Cruise Missiles

RE: Abortions -- The Idiot Links Again

RE: Who's the idiot?

RE: Cruise Missiles - The Stupid is STRONG in this one

RE: Abortion -- Lying Sacks of Shit Filling the Skies

RE: H.R.347

RE: Freedom of Speech / Dems

RE: Tomahawks - Or when Bullshit goes Supersonic

RE: Freedom of Speech / Dems

RE: attacks on older people

Not EV Will Not See

Not EV

RE: NLRB Decision Analysis

NLRB Decision Analysis

RE: You act like I was taking up for Noble

Re:Hooter's Girls

Back In 2010

RE: The Union Article You Read

Sen. Flake And The VA (north central phoenix) map

RE: The Free Bacon (pun fully intended)


RE: Epic

RE: America Lost?

RE: D.C. Exchange -- Still Lying?

RE: You don't seem to understand - More, Endless Bullshit

An Explanation For Debbie

RE: Didn't Read It -- More lies to cover the old lies

RE: Caught in yet another lie

RE: GW Bush is now as well

RE: Obamacare Signing Up Illegals -- And the lying liar lies again.

Re:Terms Of Use

RE: Embarrassing Approval Ratings

RE: You never provide a link proving your claims

RE: Denial / Cheerleading

RE: Yellen / Norly

Cheerleader's Parents pic

RE: You haven't proven he made it up.

Something Made Up

RE: Those articles I posted did NOT prove what you said to be true.

RE: Made It Up .. Oh Yes, You Did.

RE: They just gave them all a free pass.

RE: Libtards had claimed polluted surrounding wells

RE: The Truth - Enrollment

RE: Obamacare Enrollment Failures

RE: After november elections, congress should be able get rid of ACA

mccain admitted to meeting with ISIS in syria map

Get involved helping Re-Elect Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema 2014 pic map


re: Contrary

Progressive Porky pic

re: war powers

Re: Dear Join pic

Re: The pic


CYA Hillary (The Democrat Way)


RE: You are the moron, Norly.


RE: McCaskill

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