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75 Charlie says, 75 pic

26 What is it with manners? 26 (phoenix az)

26 Broke, black Ratchets 18-30 are fucked up! 26 (RachetCity)

26 Are you ratchet? 26 (Ratchetville)

28 Black women mind your own business 28 (south phoenix)


A QUESTION FOR THE LADIES (Internet Dating Sites) pic

re Alright smarty pants! pic

Rant: Bad Vibes On The Board Again... pic

Is this a match Jim? pic

7 Boston bombers, dad.. 7 pic

Murderer in Chief (Turney) pic

Unfinished 3 (some)

100 23rd AVE early 2000s 100 (glenrosa)

Prez. B/S pic

48 i c ur pov & i c ur fos 48

Time Waits For No One....... pic

RE:RE Retiring to phoenix (From Upstate NY)

60 BBW's 60 (all over)

20 RE: the walmart world order 20

shadynasty pic

Tony Romo Appreciation Society ! pic


58 How bout them Cardinals 58 (Casa Grande)

Classical Music

What the fuck was that? pic

Re: ladys

Hooray For Cardinals ! pic

Another lonely cinephile walking home full of regrets. (The 7th street bus)

To the thot stealing my photos lol

EEE Had No Idea You Were So Sick

RAVE: my goals and resolutions for 2015 pic

35 Looking for answers from those that really know 35 (phoenix)

Need Advice On Culvers Tuna Sandwich ! pic

RAVE: Baby Carrots , smaller is better... pic

51 FOX NEWS ALERT 51 pic

Re: Bitch at PV GOLF COURSE - 99 (west of surprise)

RE To the 150k liar

re The 150k lady sent me a recipe (Pine Cone Pie)

Your very (cute)

RE Women

internet crime pic


Sgt. o'brien pic

Re: I slept with my boss!!XMASparty - 22 -

Snow BIrds

Re: Women


Sgt. O'brien pic

New year (phx)

Sgt. O'brien pic

re...Some History for you asshole

re RE Doesn't anyone know how to act anymore ? (the good old days) (Repost because I have no life) pic

26 Are black women worth dating? 26 (north central phoenix)

I LOVE Jodi!!! pic

100 sick and tired 100 (downtown phoenix)

Shout out to my main man! (World)

Charlie says, pic

Sgt. O'brien pic

10,000$ REWARD pic

I'm watching the Cards...naked! (Thinking of my man.....) pic

100 cold !!!! 100 (Phoenix) pic

RE 150k liar crapping up the board again! (every single day......)

Bill Cosby f##ked me (Phoenix)

RE Hostile Children - 60

60 Hostile Children 60

Re:5 different stores? pic

re 150 K liar and friend

RANT: people invading my neighborhood for the stupid parade ! pic

On Foot Between The 7's ! pic

Great Halloween recipe pic

RE re: white women, gibberish, virus removal - 45 (stepford) -

RE: Black and White (US)

RE re: white women, gibberish, virus removal - 45 (stepford)

35 my apology www.kittycatgang.com 35 (all)

re re Stop yelling as you drive by bicyclists pic

re Son of a B story (over hair) pic

12 Sgt. O'brien 12 pic

60 RE: GunsRGood 60 (All Over)

5000$ REWARD pic

flag me stupid pic

$ need help $ pic

Bug Tussle !~ pic

Re Stealing Christmas (Not the new getto)

jewel case ranter

$ NEED HELP $ pic

Charlie says pic

Re:RE Re: White woman... and gibberish (stepford

Re: Women can be so f$&@ed up!!

Hey mooch lover: pic

re To the S.S. mooch lover

To the S.S. mooch lover pic

Re: Help me from having to get on S. S. Disability (scam alert)

RE Re;... Bag... rebuttal (stepford)

Merry Christmas everyone! pic

500$ REWARD pic

Re:Shaving the jungle (down there)

re:Opinions of Paul the Apostle

Certain Words Annoy Me !!! pic

You can't have a meaningful relationship with a woman pic

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