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RE DO NOT HIRE JON CITRON DJ for wedding!!! - 28 (Arizona)

Mean while, on the reservation pic

What color are my eyes? pic

RE Doesn't anyone know how to act anymore ? pic

ABSOLUTE FAILURE: The "Scrod" meme fails to achieve any traction...... pic

Kidnapped Mexican students/ Right Wing Death Squads

Parasites Invasion: Immigrants are now colonising the USA



I've been tracking him (Topher65)

I died and went to hell

23 temporary stay :) 23 pic

re RE re Warning Warning pic

new federal Stand your Ground law (USA)

As� que usted ha dicho que su lo que se ha quedado atascado en el tubo (Taller Mecannico) pic

re Warning Warning pic

RE need some honest opinions (bar)


RE Desperate and fat in Surprise - 41 (Denial)

RE 60 (if ur fat old and super ugly tell a lie) pic

59 Ebola victems family receives "undisclosed" settlement 59 (Great state of Texas) pic


Slutty Girls pic

how many of you? I THINK THERES ONLY ONE

re what if I were actually about to bust pic

Kin Kardasian's Anus.... pic

The Stand-in

Who are you calling Ugly ? pic

Another Topher

Re: RE x 3 Jodi - 35 (Your Best Friend)

I don't mind gays pic

Now THAT'S a dumbass post!! (85018) pic

Cum have fun (12 St & Missouri)

Female pan handler (AZ)

Stupid Americans

Why the US government SUCKS!!!

Early Thanks For All Our USA Veterans (Arizona, USA)

reNewest app for sexting? - 22

22 Newest app for sexting? 22

Psycho women pic

Are elections rigged pic

25th Anniversary since Berlin wall came down, thanks to Raygun. pic

How I know being gay is not a choice

Fucking stupid people

ladies beware, scam artist! pic

41 ext. background checks NOW!!!! 41 (phoenix az)

Griller = Biggest Loser in America pic

RE: Clarify? (Games) (STFU) pic

RE Clarify? (Games)

New Disease From Mexico Infects 300,00 In USA pic

Ignorance at it's best? (You ville) (Me Ville) pic

RE DUH (any normal person)

Your TV is spying on you: Secret Features Hidden in your new Smart TV pic

Incest underage sex

51 Gonner ? 51 (South and west Phx)

Read me need advice.

100 Re: Gret: Nothing, I'm over you. 100 (Ah-Waa_2-Keys)

re YOU LITTLE PUD-PULLER... - 45 (!!!) (!!!!) pic

Rave Just got in, what a ride (!!!!) pic

Fat Women (Everywhere)

About time to kick off pic

Family comes first pic

re Bored at the office.... - 31 (Tempe) pic

RE re How I know being gay is not a choice (THE DEVILS ADVOCATE)


A look at differences in philosophy and the results (Is a society better or worse when.....)

RE Re: How many of you (question realy)

23 one night with me ;) 23 (tempe) pic

99 Blue Malibu SS from autonation ford... 99

It seems like only yesterday

Shout out to my main man! (World)

Spanish rice

Shim is Him the mexican to rim & he sucks too

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ! pic

re How I know being gay is not a choice pic

A warriors cry

vzxvzxcvzc rqrqerqwr j;jkj;klj;kjkj

,mbn,nmb,mnb hghgkhjgjhg twretrtwtr

Heading out for a suck again?

RE Old man in Ahwatukee - 66 (Ahwatukee

23minutesinHell Near Death Experiences (Stake at the town square) pic

WTF would you do?

Cardinals facing hard times (breaking news)

Breaking News! pic

33 Gotta Rave for a change! 33 (north central phoenix)

RE why do I attract the married men? - 44

60 No Brains...No Benefits 60 (phoenix az) pic

In defense of Marriage pic

Ahhh you blowed your load (?????) pic

"Womyn" like Lena Dunham are the reason so many men are turning gay... pic

re 10 essential tips for snowbirds pic

RANT: No working links on R&R makes for a boring message board..... pic

Another Fine Made In The USA Product (Phoenix) pic

Hey Scrod or whatever your name is

RE Re Sexual Orientation (DB4)

How I know being a rapist is not a choice

The truth about

Misfits and attention cravers pic


49 Law Enforcement incompetence 49 (everywhere) pic

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