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The idiot is back (poncho) (glendale) [xundo]

political news today [xundo]

I guess [xundo]

JAIL pic [xundo]

Jobs [xundo]

Even Hitler Would Be Astonished (ZOA) [xundo]

Elections map [xundo]

operation detain mccain (arizona) [xundo]

re re iran deal (over there) [xundo]

re iran deal (somewhere over there) [xundo]

re re distribution (state of logic) [xundo]

re intresting (usa) [xundo]

re re background checks (anywhere) [xundo]

re gop going away (everywhere) [xundo]

re panchtards party expiring (everywhere) [xundo]

re panchtards truth (everywhere) [xundo]

Liberal Logic 101 (ZOA) pic [xundo]

re detritus (everywhere) [xundo]

Trump Hair (ZOA) pic [xundo]

definition of Resistance for pancho and norly (everywhere) [xundo]

MPP Marijuana Initiative is bad for AZ [xundo]

destroyed (nowhere but here) [xundo]

changing the subject again eh pancho (everywhere) [xundo]

destroyed by a couple of fags.. (Oh?) [xundo]

way to go pancho (everywhere) [xundo]

re re Resistance (anywhere) [xundo]

re Resistance (anywhere) [xundo]

RE: ZOA two faced (Poncho) (ZOA) [xundo]

" I don't like gay people" ~ Poncho (ZOA) [xundo]

Communist Subversion More Advanced than We Think (ZOA) pic [xundo]

re: Glenn Beck Eviscerated by John Stewart! (Arizona) (J.C. Almighty) [xundo]

Trump's Deck Of Jewish Cards (ZOA) pic [xundo]

contridictions in virginia video (here and now) [xundo]

Cheap ride(Phoenix only) (phoenix) [xundo]

deleting truth statements (here and there) [xundo]

government shills (here and there) [xundo]

This Trump news is bad. [xundo]

Country music legend Charlie Daniels rips Washington in Facebook rant (ZOA) pic [xundo]

I'd Like To Point Out, Poncho..... [xundo]

RE: More reruns of the ZOA show again? (Here) (ZOA) pic [xundo]

RE: more liberal ignorance (ZOA) pic [xundo]

Hold Israel, Israelis & US Zionists Liable For Terror (ZOA) pic [xundo]

Why Trump Won't Scrunch (ZOA) pic [xundo]

Muslims Fighting [xundo]

RE: re Trump's foreign policy hawk "advisors" (zoa) (ZOA) pic [xundo]

RE: re:Trump's Foreign Policy Hawk 'Advisers' (ZOA) pic [xundo]

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