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Two rules in life (Reality) pic

Re:Walmart pic

Angry much? (Hyper tension ville) pic

Lesson for today (Rad Dude) pic

WOW some dumbshit found pics of bee's (mommy mommy look at me, i have a picture)

Rise and shine! pic

I like two people in this photo (phx) pic

Yeah for the Superbowl! (Phoenix) pic

Where is Paul you ask? pic

47 Ron Burgundy's Super Bowl Predictions 47 (Phoenix)

What's all the fuss about? (Casual observer) pic

re Cute Little Poodles pic

RE Where is Paul? - pic (Topher65) pic

Massage and fingering (Goodyear)

Re:Mary Turner pic

Re:Jesus (Up here) pic

Low Wages in The Valley

Frustrating TWIN XL BED Shopping

Overpriced Couches

Lack of Companies that Pay Consumers to Test Products

RANT: Phoenix Open and Golf Course Taxpayer Subsidies

Happy Hump Day (Arizona) pic


Piling up the donation receipts? (over there) pic

Goodwill (32nd st and greenway)

RE would that not be great (you can not winn)

Yes indeed! pic

A girl asks her boyfriend (Rad Dude) pic

Oh...Now I get it (duh) pic

So you worked for Roto Rooter?

Re:Park Meadow slobs (In your hood) pic

Yes, I do recall that. pic

preservation construction jobs ripoff (superior cooks)

preservation construction jobs ripoff (superior cooks)

preservation construction jobs ripoff (superior cooks)

sexy red head needs help


Woman who smiled at me today (Cave Creek rd & Dynamite) pic

Re:2015 new vehicle. (Here & now) pic

I see our resident dog f'er pic

Tonight on 60 minutes pic

RE has anyone seen mike hunt (satin)

Straight from the horse's mouth. (The Weatherman) pic

Mike Hunt (Fucktard Homophobe) pic

Rave! pic

99 Bitch at PV GOLF COURSE 99 (west of surprise) pic

Good luck with tht karma crap. pic

re: Re: Hey Corksucker (yeah you) pic

See you after the game, Jim (Superbowl)

Is that so? pic

I don't like cats. (Here) pic

Winco Foods rocks! (Bell rd / 7TH Avenue)

RE Low Wages in The Valley

Re do you know what day it is pic

Good morning (Arizona) pic

Tonight's golden thought (The golden man) pic

Re:Push it good, push it real good! (TV land) pic

Re: For me the plain cold hard facts are

26 FWB and movie buddy 26

Woo Hoo it's Friday! pic

Who's the fruitcake? (over yonder) pic

No it's not! (Walmart parking lot) pic

Ponder schmonder pal! (over there) pic

25 just caught hubby.....Drunk need to play 25 (hotel rm) pic

Weird Buttholes

RE Bruce Henning - 67 (Ahwatukee)

30 RE: Something I noticed after losing 80 lbs. 30

You probably live behind (Filoberto's) pic

Diversity in the USA? pic

Under the bleachers by (Seymour Butz) pic

Stupid DMV! (The Daily Bitch) pic

re re you can't have a meaningful relationship (n phx)

just the plain cold hard fact's (new's flash)

25 Something I noticed after losing 80 pounds 25 (n. phoenix)

Re:Susan sold sea shells by the sea shore pic

Re:What's for dinner. pic

45 I DO EXIST! 45 (AllPowerfulGoddessOfTheWorld)

45 Whaddid I JUST say? 45 (ALLknowingALLpowerful)

You wrote "In I am an asshole." pic

I have to agree with that. pic

Lottery update! pic

45 re: done kissing women's asses 45 (skank2)

Rave car sales up

45 Mensa anyone? 45 (guess whoville)

done kissing women's asses

45 The I.Q. of a Skank 45 (priorities) pic

Civics test questions (Camelback Freeway)

RE superbowl rentals

Craze & Maradeath (19803 N. 3Rd St)

45 re: older men - reality 45 (shuturholes)

45 re: older men... and stupid sluts 45 (shuturholes)

re should give older men a chance (n phx)

The dilemma continues! (Here)

Re:Where is Paul? pic

After further review...................... pic

I have a drim! pic

45 re: I have a question 45 (stepford)

What was the first part? (over there) pic

45-7 is not cheating.

Happy MLK Day pic

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