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NO MORE LAWYERS (Fot President) pic [xundo]

Honestly, what's this person's issue? (Here) pic [xundo]

Re:Neo-con zionist (over there) pic [xundo]

For those that are emailing me about the 150k lady (More trouble) pic [xundo]

Sorry about your purple blanket.............. pic [xundo]

Bbw seeks sm lovers (17th ave& peoria) pic [xundo]

Flingage (Phoenix) pic [xundo]

Rise and shine (Arizona!) pic [xundo]

And then the nightmares will begin. pic [xundo]

1957 Was a Good Year (Really Cool Cars) pic [xundo]

The 150k liar doesn't make 150k/year pic [xundo]

RE Looks like the 150k liar hit the moonshine a little early [xundo]

RE Re: re The 150k lady may be facing [xundo]

Hey Crazy Deb & Merrydeath (19803 N. 3rd St.) [xundo]

Hmm, that's a great idea! pic [xundo]

re The 150k lady may be facing [xundo]

Re: ya, so pic [xundo]

I know I should be asleep but..... [xundo]

chub tranny wants to fuck a woman (27th ave and butler) pic [xundo]

Pretty girls shouldn't need closed caskets [xundo]

Re: RE The 150k lady caught (And I speak......) [xundo]

Re: RE The 150k lady caught (And I speak......) pic [xundo]

Re:Where is the rain? pic [xundo]

RE The 150k lady caught some rays at Salt River today (Brother works [xundo]

Rant! (Used car dealerships) pic [xundo]

And so it goes. pic [xundo]

Whoop there it is! (Trailer X) pic [xundo]

Well that's just scrodtastic! pic [xundo]

Zip it you tard! (over there) pic [xundo]

RANT: Auto Repair (You guys suck) pic [xundo]

Observation of your what is hurting again. (Here) pic [xundo]

Re:24th street & Campbell (over there) pic [xundo]

in need of 4/15" used tires ASAP (no.) [xundo]

Empty bottle blues again? pic [xundo]

seekin am fun (everything is uncovrted) [xundo]

I'm not racist...Just realistic [xundo]

Trump=Racist!!! [xundo]

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