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Hello Putitas! pic

Hey Craze & Maradeath (19828 N. 3rd St.)

Ham hocks?


37 And WTF? Isn't "casual connections" good enough anymore? 37 (ALL over Craigslist)

Happy Friday! pic

who is up? Gfast ? luv ladys and couples. u can text me (101 & 51)

37 YOU holier-than-thou, entitled, little PRICKS are the reason 37 (All over AZ)

28 PNP let's kick it n have some fun 28 (my house) pic

Me again, yes "I". (Here & now) pic

Bicycle riders in Phoenix? pic

45 Tired of being alone 45

Split up? pic

So much waste! (Here) pic

Yawn! pic

Grand jury reaches decision on Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson (finally)

51 alone for holidays 51 (nnorthen and 61 st)

I see our resident dip shit pic

Re:Cardinals suck (over there)

Stupid idiots! (The street in fornt of my house)

Re:That (over yonder)

Re:Deep into their own territory

Why bother stalking? (Here and there) pic

Welcome to week 12 of the (NFL) pic

27 sunday is a funday with me !!!!! 27 (north phoenix)

Re:Snowbirds (Here and now)

It is what it is! (Here) pic

Gracias, Senor Hussain Obama (el salvador) pic

Cognitively challenged mouth? (over yonder) pic

Simple solutions (K-9 ville) pic

Look on the bright side. pic

Perhaps you should wipe pic

Is that so? pic

Zip it bitch! (over yonder) pic

Re Rampant Gayness And Stalkering Abounds.... (disease and misery)

Rant! (RV's 4 sale)

It all makes sense now. (Here)

More lies indeed! (over there)

Stupid Black Friday shoppers! (department store X)

Re:Being gay is not a choice (R &R)

Enforce drug testing!

Another lame repetitive post (Here) pic

At yeast he's trying!

Just a prediction (The Guesstimator) pic

Attention all attention whores! (Here) pic

22 now 22 (deer valley) pic

Really? (over there) pic

So you were Jay's lover? pic

Sorry Satan, you lose! (everywhere) pic

Happy Friday! (Arizona) pic

RE Cops pic

25 Re: COPS 25

I will FIGHT for Bill Cosby! (Tucson) pic

Re:Good morning (Arizona) pic


Did you ever notice? (USA) pic

Obama is the great president EVER pic


my knee hurts again!

State of emergency! (Missouri) pic

Satan is a dick! (under ground) pic

Hip Hop sucks! (everywhere)

There you sit! pic

That makes no sense at all! (over yonder)

Answer: pic

Re:Now what? (here) pic

Re Rampant Gayness And Stalkering Abounds.... (disease and misery)

Re:Cops (Here & Now) pic

Why would anyone want to escape America? (USA) pic

Happy but sad.

Re:150 k'er (here) pic

Told ya so! (The Guesstimator) pic

I see our resident dip shit pic

R.E.S.P.E.C.T............................ (Arizona) pic

Hey Opportunity... fuck you. pic

Gently muttering and merely sputtering.... pic

Picnic basket full of circle jerks? (Here) pic

Misguided clues (Erf)

Porn is hard on your hands? (over there) pic

Re:Black man up your black ass? (over there) pic

But then again, you are not Satan. pic

Satan drizzles ketchup on some guy's ass?

I'm sorry that your "what" hurts. (The Guesstimator) pic

Not guilty! (Ferguson MO.) pic

The idiots need to assimilate and speak American English! (Here) pic

Telling it like it is! (U of P stadium) pic

WARNING (STUDIO 6 @ 18405 N 27th avenue Phx,Az)


That post looks stalkerish. (Over there)

It appears that his computer was tampered with pic

The Stain-in (ur shorts)

Re:Re: Manipulated man pic

Woo Hoo it's Friday! pic

The Manipulated Man

Grasping at straws again?

Moniker moniker, where is my moniker? (The real world)


Re:Hardees restaurant (Over here)

Ditto! (Here)

Living in the past. (Phoenix)

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