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Not To Worry, Greg

more pics from Grubergate (king size denial) pic

Can you recommend somewhere? (Volunteer ville) pic map

Do the right thing. (Community Service)

HEY: This is my whole point (Grrrrr) (Zip it bitch) (Grrrrr)

That doesn't make any sense. (over there) pic map

This is my whole point (Grrrrr) (Zip it bitch) pic map

Re:This Is My Whole Point

This is my whole point (Grrrrr)

Debt is Slavery!!!! (Arizona) pic

We can help you escape America (USA)

Shocking comments from the Arab League of Nations (PHC)

US Muslim Groups Listed As Terrorist Orgs

A Poor Leader

Thanks, Obama

The Conservunist Threat to American Freedom has Returned. (Arizona) pic

Second Amendment Facts (by a gun owner) (Arizona)


Zip it you puppet bitch! (over there) pic map

Grrrrrr = West side ghetto trash (15050 N. 28th ave.) pic map

Grrrrrr = unbelievable ??

Infrasound RE: (Poncho) map

RE: DNC ( grrrrrrr) (Poncho ) (Grrrrrr)

DNC ( grrrrrrr) (Poncho ) map


The Media Hid Those Obama Lies

Democrats Vote

Correct! pic map

pics from Grubergate (tangled web) pic

Windmills [...] kill [...] the occasional passer by person.

Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin

Good Old Eric!

Executive Amnesty? (Not So Fast)

What's your opinion of this ticket in (2016) pic map

Common sense! pic map

Your Money, Poncho

Loss Of American Industry

Solar Power

Wind Turbine Health Hazard (Birds And Bats Too)

Really Poncho?

They had it right! (G.O.P) pic map

RE: Poncho is not the one flagging (Poncho) (grrrrr)


Let me see if I can help you sorry soul! (Poncho)

Poncho is not the one flagging (Poncho)

Deficit Record

Poncho Says It All

Poncho flaggs anything he doesn't like (NAZI JERRY)

Want to bet Obama makes an end run around Congress with an EO for gun (Poncho)

Poncho does not make up the rules (Poncho) map

Gun Control

Ponchtard pic

Gun Control

As a foreign exchange student (Poncho) pic map

Re:Balanced budget? (USA) pic map

Keystone Pipeline

ponchtard making up rules again (ranting)

Civil unrest and disobedience (USA) pic map


In order to enter Columbia University Obama (Poncho)

No Again, Libtard (MATH)


RE: EV this EV that (Oh?)

RE: Math - arithmatic (Poncho) (that is)

Math - arithmatic (Poncho)

The Smartest Man In The World

Welcome To Your New Internet Tax Bill

Race Riots

This Is Good. Enjoy!

EV This, EV That


EV, or the Art of Making it Something Blah-di-blah-blah ... else

RE: Mr.Obama passing another amnesty bill like Mr.Reagan

Uh, No. It Has Been Ongoing

RE: OMG.. the clinton balanced budget bullshit again (ranting) (NOW!)

Unconstitutional executive orders? (USA) pic map

OMG.. the clinton balanced budget bullshit again (ranting) pic

RE: Obama has had ample time to fix and hasn't

There is no "Norly". (Here) pic map

Tight Wad / Norly Profane

Your change is under the bush. (Over there) pic map


Re:Under Bush

Profane Insults

Republican Nonsense 101 - No. 2

The a-hole gas bag! (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic map

reX2: Norly, just what are your credentials (now now)

RE: gaping, festering asshole

More Lies

Norly, just what are your credentials


"Design data on F-35 stolen in 2007"

More lies

Norly Judges Again


IE-IE (10-Hectors)

Secrets Stolen

Let's See Here

Tell Us Norly

Re:Biden's Wealth

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