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Oh Shit (Poncho)

Climate Viewer News

Demfucks = The American Taliban (Doc of death)

More Denial, Right Norly?

Obama, Sharpton, Holder

Deny It Later

Not The Use Of The Plural

Taxpayer Funded Event Center (Muslim Meeting)

Re:Know What You Posted?

Groups Of Craigslist Posters Waiting To Shoot

You Have Demanded Proof Of What You Posted

lyrics change up game, who wants to play? pic map

Re:Irony Or Something

Afraid of Craigslist Posters

Well, well - out of the closet (Poncho)

cardiac occlusion- myocardial infarction (Poncho - your mentor)

Nuts or Something?




Afraid of Craiglist Posters

Mesa Most Conservative (Arizona)

drunk Tucson cop pulls gun on gas station clerk pic map

RE: Anyway, you never did provide that proof.

Touched Nerves and Contradicting Theories

More Government capitalism? (USA) map

Speaking of politics (USA) map

No Thanks Norly



Sweden's Future (Not so Good)

Coupla' Justices walk into a bar . . . pic

Quotes Based On Assumptions

Re:Quoted Statements

Nobody misses your ignorant posts. (Here) map

Obamaland=LaLa Land

About Quoted Statements

Hottest Year? Not really

Abbas The Hypocrite (France)

High Price Of Electricity

I Said It Before, Doc (Norlyville)

Building Bald-Faced Bridges


How Close Are We?

Obama Gasoline Prices

Radical Islamists

Hill & Bill selfie pic

Thank you for the Lower Gas Prices President Obama (Arizona) pic

Preogressive "God"

How Convenient For Poncho

No Norly

Hey Barkeep


Nationalizing Our Businesses

There are two "right" Repubs around here (Poncho)


Glad To Entertain

RE: Republican, Through and Through

Guy walks into a bar . . . . . . . pic

RE: Blocked My Account? / Rules

CL Forums

CDC Failures

Blocked Your Account?

Shame on you (Poncho) map

RE: Unprofessional? Really?

Low Oil Prices

RE: Evidently...


RE: I try to keep out of this crap between you two

AIPAC supporter openly calls for false flag on Iran video pic map

Re: "Black Culture Of Looting"

Just Follow Norly's Lead (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic map

Re:Every Post

Perhaps Poncho Can Learn Something

Just Follow Norly's Lead

You are welcome, yet again...

Free Fox News

RE: Determined To Flag Everyone Else Off

On more than one occasion...

Thanks Again, Norly!

European No Go Zones

Determined To Flag Everyone Else Off, Norly?

Changing Your Story Now Norly?

RE: Prove it

RE: fast to call anyone a racist

You are Welcome...

Michael Brown was not anywhere near the (Poncho) map

Thanks Norly

The shot heard around the world. (France) pic map

Re:Mike Brown

No Gentle Giant ... Only A Racist Putz

RE: Whomp!

Such A Gentle Giant.....NOT!!

Whomp! Thar Ya Have It

RE: Needless to say...

I do not hate to tell you this, EV

High IQ?

Gangbangers - with big records - and mentals (Poncho) pic

Flagging Again Norly?

Hate To Tell You This Norly

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