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re Wise I will educate you (phx)

Auto Maintenance Tip of the Day !!

Re RE re How I know being gay is not a choice (THE DEVILS ADVOCATE) (DUH)

re colored girls,and baby daddy pic

Re 420 people suck! (4:20 P.M.) pic pic

RE Doesn't anyone know how to act anymore ? (the good old days) pic

Hazel it's time to kick off pic

It was Fun while it lasted.... (End Zone) pic

you are slober blob so you vomit

Pizza Prices

RANT: Standard CD Jewel Cases Extinct?

To the Blessed One, the REAL Ten Commandments (Our Savior) pic


"Real" Christians will go to heaven? Pffft! pic

col. klink pic

sgt. O'brien

preservation construction jobs ripoff (superior cooks)

55 Clean rug sucker,cash or trade 55 (west valley) pic

Need Food?

RE: Cant Spell? Use a Dictionary!!! - 33 (Mesa)

2014 Holiday We The People should be Proud to GIVE sample CASH to (WoundedWarriorProject2be part of A-Team) pic

North Korea is NOT EVEN COUNTRY,just Dirty Chinese/Russian Ass Licker (SONY?That shows JAPs has Little Pee Pee) pic

Crossdressing Is A Civil Right-BUT you didn't have come outOPEN PUBLIC (and look better than some FAT ASS Female) pic

50 Bought a new HD TV today (thanks to the wounded warrior poster) 50 (annoying ads - flag his dumb ass) pic

America will NOT HAVE TerroristNuclear Attack4NOW-We areWatching them (FEAM just don't have extraFOOD STORED) pic

Sgt. O'brien pic

InAmerica-LotsFamilys live off FREE-BUTwhen they have2support (WoundedWarriors,theyWalkAway,that isWhy) pic

FuckingNazi&ReligiousFreakShow needWORK4Living-OnlyWoundedWarriors has (Right2support from US-NOT Asshole like) pic

Crossdressing Is A Civil Right pic

elaine morton multi million dollar scammer (phoenix)

private o'blowin pic

what is your problem

anointed opinions (Casual observer) pic

sgt. O'brien pic

re lover - 63 (east mesa)

What's all the fuss about? (Here) pic

Top 3 "Fools of the Year" vote going on now! pic

63 lover 63 (east mesa)

1921 The Lingerie Ladies 1921 (We Travel)

31 Romantic love.. 31


Christmas is a specific DAY, "holiday" refers to a SEASON pic


Christmas beggers and scammers,please help flag them and their post's pic

RE How I know being a killer is not a choice

32 this post will change your life forever, promise 32 (scottsdale)

Friday, Friday, Friday! pic

56 Your scaring the kids. 56 (mesa) pic

55 Answer to Obama's Race War 55 (Hell) pic

A long career in calculated assholery..... pic

re Where are you Buster and Ray ? pic

Seeking lit lady with Anais affinity (Phoenix)

Today it's a buyer's market (Satan) pic

Woody woodpecker laugh pic

If you everThink aboutSomeGaveAll?TheyGaveAll2SAVE WoundedWarriors (Don'tCRY4SomeGaveAll-helpWoundedWarriors) pic

Re: Haterosexuals pic

Homewrecker? (STFU Beyotch) pic

just an answer (got questions?) pic

Re: Serial Posters pic

re: re: how many of you (only you fucktard) pic


Re:1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. (over there) pic

How i Know Being a Fucktard (( isn't a choice )) pic

42 My votes - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place fools of the year - CL Phx. 42 (Mesa) pic

BIG WEEK NEXT WEEK!!! (Cast your vote!) pic

Good weather today

re Man,Christmas brings out the scammers and begger's-please FLAG them

re How I know being gay is not a choice (THE DEVILS ADVOCATE)

2014 EAT/BUY LESS2LiveLonge&HELP moreWounded Warriors2showThankYou (Fighting4ourFREEDOM&comeHome LIFE) pic

re: would that not be great pic

RAVE: Lemon Water in the morning.... pic

re weekend camping 35 (east valley) pic

Man,Christmas brings out the scammers and begger's-please FLAG them pic

sgt. O'brien pic

RE what a liar! watch for Jay (phx)

Re: Older Women (mesa)

44 re i thought i knew what 44

25 GiftCards for Ca$h- paying up to 80% Grand Opening" 25 (10222 N 43rd Ave #8)

what's the point, survey

It's not for (Cotton)

Older Women (mesa)

E. O. S. pic

44 German-helmeted warrior (between legs) injured during enthusiastic BJ 44 (My wounded warrior needs $19/mo) pic

what a liar! watch for Jay (phx)

In the panty hose aisle or the garden department? pic

We cry forFallenSoldiers,Don't beCheap2/Walk Away from WoundedWarriors (WhenWoundedWarriors comeHome2needUS) pic

Rant! (RV section)

40 Ltc. Oboohoo 40 (Classified)

What are they all complaining about these posts for ? pic

Meet me at Frys pic

Re : Really ??? (My House) pic

35 weekend camping 35 (east valley) pic

I thought I knew what (You)

sgt. O'brien pic

100 Re: flying the Canadian Flag 100 (Mesa) pic

SomeGaveAll&SomeComeHomeWounded,Let's give them MORE to showThankYou ($19Mounth?Let's notCheap2WoundedWarriors) pic

re Pizza Prices pic

51 Ace Taxi 51 pic

35 Jodi Latest 35 (Your Best Friend)

63 Re: AZ Exotic Bird Rescue 63 (Scottsdale)

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