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Zip it bitch! (over yonder) pic

In the Elliot Ness pic

Re Rampant Gayness And Stalkering Abounds.... (disease and misery)

RE: scalping pic

many of those of us who drink

homosexuality, no cure for, unless you depopulate the world

How I know being a killer is not a choice

re How I know being gay is not a choice (THE DEVILS ADVOCATE)

Give It A Rest Already

Ring around the roses (Nimrod) pic

Rant! (RV's 4 sale)

It all makes sense now. (Here)

RE Jodi - 35 (Your Best Friend) (S) pic

Re: why is it so hard for an old man (Liar) pic

RE Enforce drug testing!

RE The first order of business

24 Her sixtwothree eightzerosix 24 (Twozeroninefour)

More lies indeed! (over there)

Stupid Black Friday shoppers! (department store X)

70 why is it so hard for an old man to get a job? 70

Re:Being gay is not a choice (R &R)

Enforce drug testing!

Another lame repetitive post (Here) pic

At yeast he's trying!

re To the Craigslist Witch pic

re Tell The Truth.... (Planet Earth)

Just a prediction (The Guesstimator) pic

Attention all attention whores! (Here) pic

22 now 22 (deer valley) pic

Really? (over there) pic

LUVIN MY NEW HOBBY (Griller) pic

So you were Jay's lover? pic

99 Hey, boat man - have you ever considered relocating? 99 (Ferguson, MO) pic

Definition: Fucktard pic

Re what a liar! watch for Jay (phx)

Sorry Satan, you lose! (everywhere) pic

I am a repeat post (From MOM)


To the black pickup, who paid for the car behind him at McDonald's (Hayden and Indian School)

RANT: Lack of Affordable Thanksgiving Day Buffets

Membership has it's privileges (In over 40 countries) pic

Happy Friday! (Arizona) pic

Anyone seen Nancy Nicks. (way way out east)

35 going fast with Tina and g pnp time 35 (McDowell 44 st )

50 Sheriff Joe 50 (Phx)

RE: About time to kick off pic

Wheat trail mix for Al in a Dodge,no onion pic

48 Woo Hoo 48 (I'm a Dolt and you know it!) pic

48 Why it's dark cock at Tophers Tonight 48 ( the ghetto!) pic

68 Idiot who rants about Mexicans and keystone 68

33 Re: U.S. Immigration rant 33 (Mesa)

Don't hold it against me, I was born this way pic

re what a liar! watch for Jay (phx)

re The truth about bigotry

re RE Today it's a buyer's market (Satan) pic

KeystoneXL Oil Pipeline is all aboutTexas Rich GET Richer fromTAXpayer (Let's FUCK Keystone bill) pic

Cops pic

RE Cops pic

US immigration law DIDN"T Broken,TOO MANY Mexican WetBacks&Freeloaders (so many of Mexicans to Invade AMERICA) pic

what a liar! watch for Jay (phx)

25 Re: COPS 25

51 payripo.com is SCAM 51


35 RE Bill Cosby 35 (Your Best Friend)

Re Rampant Gayness And Stalkering Abounds.... (disease and misery)

cognezant chief here pic

William H Acosta Me Bill pic

don't disrespect totillas Ed ! no hings ! pic

I will FIGHT for Bill Cosby! (Tucson) pic

Good morning Arizona pic

your AZ Cardinals (nw peoria) pic

Re:Good morning (Arizona) pic

Latinos DREAM will not work this life&NextNextLife ShutUp&keep onDREM (yourDream JustDREAMbecause theseAssHoles) pic

RE RE RE RE RE RE re (rere)

Re: re Re: Nov 18 RE Remember when a man used to be a (MAN

33 blah wtf - m4w 33

re: Mike Hunts KaryOkie Man pic

Hey AL ! pic

regarding> Weaken pubic morality (tired of matthew) pic

re--dirty home wrecking pic

47 If I was a hooker.... 47 pic


Did you ever notice? (USA) pic

rejects and topographers lament pic

JUST WANT TO END IT ALL NOW!!! (downtown phoenix)

71 Pinto,and a bad childhood pic

preservation construction jobs ripoff (superior cooks)

RE Little boy toys? (You ville) (a child's best interests.) It is in t

R women a choice pic

Great Halloween recipe pic

re my knee hurts again! pic

Obama is the great president EVER pic

Bill Cosby: I declare unholy war on his detractors.

19 RE;To Tony (Are women a choice) 19 (Truthville) pic

Re: Ladies Against Wookie (You're playing with FIRE!) pic


my knee hurts again!

Good morning Arizona pic

37 To the Uber driver "Moe" in the silver Prius... 37 (32nd St & Thomas)


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