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Terrorists, NOT Insurgents Re : << dig this (Poncho) pic

RE: Obama has put us in debt ? <<< joke ! ? (Poncho) pic

Re : That doesn't make any sense either. (15060 N 28th Ave.) pic map

Re : adorable tiny porn (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic map

Pledge to America = Sucker hahahahaha (Poncho) pic

Reduce Illegal Immigration Now!! (Free Speach Edition) (Arizona) pic

Debt is Slavery!!!! (Arizona) pic

Panch has gone RI on us pic

Answer up Rethuglican (Poncho) pic

You have to love this guy ! (Poncho - Democrat) pic

you f'in shill. (Poncho) pic

Obama Single Handedly Lowers Gas Prices!!! (Arizona) pic

Viva La France! (Arizona) pic

Attention Goodwill Shoppers, Free Speach Edition. (Arizona) pic

Another Tricky Dickhead (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic map

Another Tricky Dickhead RE:Read and weeeeep (Poncho)

More Republican Socialists! Is Anyone Surprised?? (Arizona) pic

(Arizona ) (Poncho) pic

Tricky dickhead (Poncho) pic

Look what too many scorpions for breakfast does to you... (Arizona) pic

Class Warfare Alive and Well... (Arizona) pic

Miss Me Yet?? (Arizona) pic

Dewitt D Eisenhower and Gerald R Ford (Poncho your mentor)

I know it's impossible for you. (Poncho)

RE: Re: Go Ge - our company (Poncho) pic

PUNCH ME IN THE NUTS $1 - Re: < funny (Poncho) pic

"FOX news is entitled to their own opinion" (Poncho) pic

Bet? (Poncho)

As the wind blows - blowhard (Poncho) pic

STOP needling Tom Brady! pic

Keeping it real, Homies (Poncho)

Billy Gibbons & Dusty Hill walk into an Iranian bar . . . pic

Porn Poster is not ZOA (Poncho)

min pin pic

ZOA the porn poster

ZOA-UPDATE (ZOA) (15050 N. 28th Ave (ZOA)) pic map

no no --- no problem

Court recordings --------- for the uneducated (POncho) pic

Maricopa county info Re: (Poncho) pic

Democrates also embrace Islamic Muslim pedophiles, female mutilators, (Poncho)

Re: These Bastards <<< yups belive it folks ! (Poncho)

RE: Maricopa county info Re:

Norly LIE ALERT! pic

Maricopa county info

Sunset Point Update pic

Christopher Brazelton Norly Paid Cash (Maricopa Assesors Office) map

So is it Norly posting the Porn??? (Poncho)

More effects of Bush Policy - (Doc)

So, this is the real Norly (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic map

Pulling up an old post then edit (Poncho)


One Doc in heres is a nurse the other one is a comp sci (Poncho)

Jesus is Disappointed with the Rep's (Arizona) pic

State of the Misinformation <<<< hahaha your kidding (Poncho)

Free two years of commjunity college (Panch) pic

What Was So Great About the Great Bush Recession? (Arizona) pic

I KNOW you are mistaken... (Arizona) pic


Doc earns an "F" (Poncho)

Ebony Ivory (Ponch)

Only one America (4) (Poncho)

Only one America (1) (Poncho)

Only one America (2) (Poncho)

Only one America (3) (Poncho)

Only one America (5) (Poncho)

Bob, Jerry here

Socialism and Capitalism Defined... (Arizona) pic

Doc is perfect in his eyes (Poncho) pic

posters in Political- get to the police station (Poncho) pic

Say goodnight NORLY (Harry) pic

Barack on Taxes - state of the union (Poncho)

Oh Shit (Poncho)

Well, well - out of the closet (Poncho)

cardiac occlusion- myocardial infarction (Poncho - your mentor)


Coupla' Justices walk into a bar . . . pic

Hill & Bill selfie pic

Thank you for the Lower Gas Prices President Obama (Arizona) pic

There are two "right" Repubs around here (Poncho)

Guy walks into a bar . . . . . . . pic

CDC Failures

Shame on you (Poncho) map

Re:Every Post

Michael Brown was not anywhere near the (Poncho) map

Gangbangers - with big records - and mentals (Poncho) pic

Flagging Again Norly?

Doc is only 63 ??? and he carries ! (Poncho)

Je suis ce que je suis pic

Second Amendment Facts by a Non-Paranoid Gun Owner (Arizona) pic

Speaking of lower fuel prices.... RE OK ,, (Poncho)

N##ger (Poncho)

Re : Re:Dim Witted Person (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic map

T.Boone Pickens Re: they did exactly as Barack requested (Poncho) map

Poncho Re: I didn't bring it up! (< more tard posting) map

Reagan's Incompetence and Corruption Facts. (Arizona) pic

Jerry, who no longer resides (Poncho) map

Evolution - Re God's plan? (Poncho)

I don't post to myself and for sure I hate (Poncho here) map

/Pol/ meet & greet: Council of /pol/ (west phoenix) pic

From one sleazy thug to another. pic

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