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Well that was an interesting back and forth (Panchy ) pic

Shihtzu maltese female (wittmann) pic

Russian Sanctions RE: (Pco Poncho here) pic

Sorry wrong person - I do not E-mail (Poncho)

Russia / Ukraine RE: (ya it's me )

President Obama, We Thank you. (Arizona) pic

Solar Panels never financed $ (why?) pic map

Government studies (Fail rethug ideas )

Ponchtard Email Saga RE: <<< this poster is sick (The real Poncho at your service ) map

Pharmacist (Poncho your mentor )

Barack takes Putin to the cleaners (Poncho) pic map

Email From Ponchtard RE: NO I don't e-mail (Poncho) pic

So tell me how Barack got it wrong with Putin (Sun City West ) pic

War Criminals Exposed! (Arizona) pic

Time to come clean (poncho)

ZOA-UPDATE - ((ZOA)) pic

if all those jobs had NOT been regulated out of existence (< dark ages soul ) pic

I DEMAND a Tax Cut!! (Arizona) pic

Conservunism Defined. (Arizona) pic

Obama and the economy growth (Poncho )


Economy is up - food stamp issue

More Bush and Cheney War Criminal Evidence! (Arizona) pic

Does It Bother You Poncho Re (Poncho) pic

Benghazi Investigation Vindicates Obama Administration (Arizona) pic

The More the GOP Cuts Education... (Arizona) pic

MS Pharmacology (U of AZ School of Pharmacy). (Poncho)

Education (Yups ) pic

The 2012 Democratic National Platform is on PDF (Poncho) map

Keystone XL Pipeline (Arizona) pic

not to late to get mental help ! (Paco ) pic

Dr Chop is funny (Panch) pic

just got my $27 SSI increase

Has the KING lost his BLING? (methinks yes) pic

Protoplasma) (Poncho)

Every conservative was an enemy- yup ! (U-no Poncho) pic

RE: A few years ago, you threatened to kick my ass, and never showed (Doc)

A few years ago, you threatened to kick my ass, and never showed up to (HUH ?)

re: I just keep waiting (The Real Poncho here) (Doc)

RE: re: Doc (innocent bystander) (Doc)

I just keep waiting (The Real Poncho here) pic

Liars run wild! (Doc) pic

Dem's Taxes vs. Rep's Taxes (Arizona) pic

Has obama created a new SLAVE class? (in your head) pic

Second Amendment Facts (by a gun owner) (Arizona)

Reply to Unconstitutional Ex Orders (Arizona) pic

Duck Hunters (Doc) pic

Why Wouldn't We Blame it on Bush? (Arizona) pic

Reagan's Incompetence and Corruption Facts. (Arizona) pic

Debt is Slavery!!!! (Arizona) pic

RE: number one economy in the world Re:

Obama/Africa - Re: pic

comments (Poncho) map

The Republican Elephant Mascot Joke... (Arizona) pic

Benghazi - nazi (Poncho)

Typical Libtards RE: (Ppncho ) pic

The Conservunist Threat to American Freedom has Returned. (Arizona) pic

Heh Heh you need to buy American ? (Poncho)

RE RE Poncho has no hand (Poncho)

must have hit a nerve (Poncho)

Looks like Panch has gone RI on US! pic

Can we step back a few (B50) pic

Whaaaaat's up dumb Amerikan sheep! < Moniker please (Poncho) pic

Nobody in this room has a win over me pic

Obama vs. Bush Vacation Days. (Arizona) pic

Fish Two

. . . one more thing. pic

Losing touch with reality Panch? (ya crazy ol Marxist) pic

Economy getting better map

Dem Issues RE :: (Poncho) map

Repubs are mentally diminished. (SCW- Poncho) map

We are going to get two for one on Clintons (Poncho)

Brain Dead soul -- just for you (Poncho) pic

The agenda (DB4)

"WE" Were Talking CO2? RE: (Poncho)

Jesus is Disappointed with the Rep's (Arizona) pic

Who is Rich Weinstein & why does he deserve a (BIG SHOUT OUT!?) pic

To The Rescue Ghetto King (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic

Thin Skinned Non-Hacker Out There... (Arizona) pic

That's Norly For You

THE KING HATH GONE MAD! :O (Who can stop the MADNESS?) pic

Re : What's the hold up on the verdict? (Ferguson, MO.) (Hi Ghetto king) pic map

rebuttal: my view on the right... pic

Why Republican Politicians Hate the Police (Phoenix) pic

RE: 2 billions and that's of the almost 80 billions map

Latest Hitler bunker vid. Field Marshal Gruber (spills the beans) pic

Those Who Served, and Those Who Didn't... (Arizona) pic

Low Gas Prices...Thank you President Obama! (Arizona) pic

more pics from Grubergate (king size denial) pic

A Poor Leader

Grrrrrr = unbelievable ??

Infrasound RE: (Poncho) map

DNC ( grrrrrrr) (Poncho ) map

pics from Grubergate (tangled web) pic

Really Poncho?

Let me see if I can help you sorry soul! (Poncho)

Poncho is not the one flagging (Poncho)

Want to bet Obama makes an end run around Congress with an EO for gun (Poncho)

Poncho does not make up the rules (Poncho) map

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