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Jerry, who no longer resides (Poncho) map

Evolution - Re God's plan? (Poncho)

I don't post to myself and for sure I hate (Poncho here) map

/Pol/ meet & greet: Council of /pol/ (west phoenix) pic

From one sleazy thug to another. pic

If you're interested in pedophiles then you must be one (Poncho here)

Bla Bla Bla (<< ????)

Mystery "thug" pic (?????) pic

Solar Panels should never be FINANCED$$ (why?) pic map

The arrest of the story . . . . . . . . (Paul & Harvey) pic

Solar Panels never financed $ (why?) pic map

The More the GOP Cuts Education... (Arizona) pic

To The DIPSHIT Poster

The poster never said 4% Doc. (Poncho) pic

jobs report ===== ?????? (Poncho) pic

over Produce RE: Yipie K yay MTF (Poncho) pic

I DEMAND a Tax Cut!! (Arizona) pic

what did Obama do to lower the price of Gasoline? (Poncho)

Islamization Of France

Elizabeth Warren

Oh No!

Thanks For Lower Oil Prices?

Was it just bad karma Harry? (maybe) pic

Those Who Served, and Those Who Didn't... (Arizona) pic

2014 "MUI AWARD" recipient pic

Republicans moving to Mexico (Yahoooo !) pic

Ok Greenie on Green -- (Poncho)

Big money - then comes war ! (Poncho, Your Hidden Soul) pic

Divest- Invest <<< joke (Poncho) pic

Back to the Sharpton issue (Poncho)

Doc (Poncho)

Barack and Sharpton corrolation < garabage (Poncho)

Lets git UM! (Poncho)

ok ZOA lets see if they flag me (Poncho here)

Whomp Back At Ya RE: 5 times? (Poncho)

who the real racists are. RE: (Poncho)

May Doctor Chop never portray you as an ugly (or grotesque image . . .) pic

sharpton - never was invited 80 times (Poncho) pic

Just u- tube republican racism -< laugh for hours (Poncho) map

Re:Re: Republican punks (Poncho) pic

Sharpton is a punk--- "Hell" (Poncho)

Birthday present (Poncho) pic

Republican posts (<the man is a Tard) pic

Y'All Ready?

Well, You Got What You Wanted, Poncho

President Obama, We Thank you. (Arizona) pic

tisk tisk , don't give up (Poncho)

War Criminals Exposed! (Arizona) pic

Re: again to "hell" (Poncho)

Healthcare idiocy experts. (Panchy)

Re:Special Olympics < more criticism (Poncho your mentor) pic

Watching the Special Olhypics< Derp A Derp (< has no opinion)

party -- are you sure you have my ideas ? (Poncho)

don't tell me no ------------- (POncho) pic

One or your Illegal workers,, RE: (Panch o)

One Of Obama's Economic Advisors? RE: just for you ! (Your Mentor) pic

RE: Even if it is a $ 250,000 heart surgery. << incorrect (Poncho)

Hospitals close becuase they are making no money ! (Poncho) map

With a Cool Graph Too! RE: (Poncho)

Jay Leno is a Democrat map

Maybe you didn;\'t know this (YOur mentor)

well worth it fat studies. (Poncho)

has a repub flavor to it (Poncho)

have a very merry . . . HO ho . . . zzzzzzzz (Lame Duck Santa) pic

Safeway CEO (Poncho)

boogie man (Poncho) map

Yes, We Can See

Benghazi Investigation Vindicates Obama Administration (Arizona) pic

Rolling Dollar? RE: (Poncho) map

Poncho your mentor Re:" Gee Poncho

Re: Hell" No! (Ponch) pic

"Hell" yes (Poncho)

Keystone XL Pipeline (Arizona) pic

flag the Fuckwit off the board

JFK Pt1 Secret Society

three on the board today? (32 ford)


Does anyone know the score? pic

interantional interest rates (Poncho Paco Villa)


Well that was an interesting back and forth (Panchy) pic

Russian Sanctions RE: (Pco Poncho here) pic

Sorry wrong person - I do not E-mail (Poncho)

Russia / Ukraine RE: (ya it's me)

Government studies (Fail rethug ideas)

Ponchtard Email Saga RE: <<< this poster is sick (The real Poncho at your service) map

Pharmacist (Poncho your mentor)

Barack takes Putin to the cleaners (Poncho) pic map

Email From Ponchtard RE: NO I don't e-mail (Poncho) pic

So tell me how Barack got it wrong with Putin (Sun City West) pic

ZOA-UPDATE - ((ZOA)) pic

if all those jobs had NOT been regulated out of existence (< dark ages soul) pic

Conservunism Defined. (Arizona) pic

Obama and the economy growth (Poncho)


Economy is up - food stamp issue

More Bush and Cheney War Criminal Evidence! (Arizona) pic

Does It Bother You Poncho Re (Poncho) pic

MS Pharmacology (U of AZ School of Pharmacy). (Poncho)

Education (Yups) pic

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