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posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 re: Get involved helping Re-Elect Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema 2014 (Doc)

Sep 16 Reagan's Incompetence and Corruption Facts. (Arizona)

Sep 16 Thank you President Obama (Arizona) pic

Sep 16 Beware of GOPP Porky! (Arizona) pic

Sep 16 Nixon Was A Disgrace! (Arizona) pic

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 re: (Arizona) pic

Sep 15 I Am Not Now... (Arizona)

Sep 15 Arizona Senator John McBlame (Arizona) pic

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 Stupid Fuck? (Here you go!) pic map

Sep 14 Incompetent (Slug-Ville) pic map

posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 Has our illustrious Law Prof. become a "War Pimp"? (looks like) pic

posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 I am sick of politicians!

Sep 12 Republiscams Love Big Government! (Arizona) pic

posted thu sep 11

Sep 11 Obama vs. Bush Vacation Days. (Arizona) pic

Sep 11 RE: stop responding to posts that are addressed to him

Sep 11 N O R L Y pic

posted wed sep 10

Sep 10 The Cost of Cheney's Iraq War (Arizona) pic

Sep 10 Why Republican Politicians Hate the Police (Phoenix)

Sep 10 What type of conservative morons.... (Arizona) pic

Sep 10 Thank you President Obama (Arizona)

posted tue sep 9

Sep 9 Why Wouldn't We Blame it on Bush? (Arizona)

Sep 9 Miss Me Yet? (Arizona) pic

Sep 9 RE: Dem's Taxes vs. Rep's Taxes (Arizona) (Doc)

Sep 9 Dem's Taxes vs. Rep's Taxes (Arizona) pic

posted mon sep 8

Sep 8 Dem's Taxes vs. Rep's Taxes (Arizona)

posted sat sep 6

Sep 6 Speaking of Drunkies........... (15050 N.28th Ave.) pic map

Sep 6 So Naive and Ill Informed by Faux News (Arizona) pic

Sep 6 re: N/E Mesa T-shirt guy (Profiteerville) pic

Sep 6 Guess who LEFT the reservation? pic

posted thu sep 4

Sep 4 ISIS Cowards pic map

Sep 4 That's my strategy & I'm st-st-stickin' to it! pic

posted wed sep 3

Sep 3 Jesus is Disappointed with the Rep's (Arizona)

posted tue sep 2

Sep 2 Slaver Owners Were Communists map

Sep 2 Straw Man Post map

Sep 2 They Didn't Call Themselves Democrats map

Sep 2 Militia Cowards (Arizona)

posted mon sep 1

Sep 1 What would you do about I.S.I.S

Sep 1 We help you escape America (USA)

posted sun aug 31

Aug 31 History Lesson... (Arizona) pic

posted sat aug 30


posted fri aug 29

Aug 29 President Obama, We Thank you. (Arizona)

Aug 29 Panch wins Queen Creek "Hot Rod Poker Run" pic

posted wed aug 27

Aug 27 Why Wouldn't We Blame it on Bush? (Arizona)

Aug 27 Norly vacation pics from the Show Me State pic

posted tue aug 26

Aug 26 Star Trek versus Star Wars Politics (Arizona) pic

Aug 26 re: The Tea Husslers are Running Scared. (Arizona) (Barry) pic

Aug 26 The Tea Husslers are Running Scared. (Arizona) pic

posted mon aug 25

Aug 25 New Inductee to the R.H.S. (Arizona) pic

posted sun aug 24

Aug 24 Pics from the 16th green (Caliphate Country Thug Club) pic

posted thu aug 21

Aug 21 Why The Tea Party Deceptions? (Arizona)

Aug 21 re: one witness to the attack map

Aug 21 Dead Broke (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic map

Aug 21 Another Bush Created Disaster in Iraq (Arizona)

posted tue aug 19

Aug 19 RE: re: free basin' pic

Aug 19 Firin' UP the BASE or just free basin';)? (The Al) pic

Aug 19 What got into Rosemary? pic

posted mon aug 18

Aug 18 Middle of the Intersection pic map

Aug 18 Dem's Taxes vs. Rep's Taxes (Arizona)

Aug 18 Culled map

posted sun aug 17

Aug 17 Michael Brown map

Aug 17 Michael Brown map

Aug 17 Elizabeth Warren (me too;)) pic

posted sat aug 16

Aug 16 re;) F BABY BOOMERS! (Gen-Y) pic

posted fri aug 15

Aug 15 Tea Husslers... (Arizona) pic

posted thu aug 14

Aug 14 Best deal in town (Glendale) map

posted wed aug 13

Aug 13 "Don't do Stupid Stuff"... (Arizona) pic

Aug 13 Three People? map

Aug 13 On and On?

Aug 13 Attacked?

posted tue aug 12

Aug 12 I do not want to be bothered by you

Aug 12 Re:Threat

Aug 12 Re:Threat

Aug 12 Re: Suggestion

Aug 12 US Loses Libyan Base To al Qaeda

Aug 12 RE; Refer To EV

Aug 12 I DEMAND a Tax Cut!! (Arizona) pic

Aug 12 Re:It Also Looks Like....

Aug 12 Why Didn't Bush Build the Border Wall?? (Arizona)

posted mon aug 11

Aug 11 Mr. President

posted sun aug 10

Aug 10 Bush Was Proof.... (Arizona) pic

Aug 10 Mrs. Clinton Is Right On These Items

Aug 10 Senator Feinstein

posted sat aug 9

Aug 9 Society

Aug 9 Obama Had No Choice

posted fri aug 8

Aug 8 Washington Post

Aug 8 Gun Registration

Aug 8 Are you a male victim of domestic violence or false restraining order? (Ariizona) pic

Aug 8 Reduce Illegal Immigration NOW!!! (Arizona)

posted thu aug 7

Aug 7 NBCNews/Wall Street Journal map

Aug 7 Total Firearms Registration

Aug 7 Such A Lovely Religion Of Peace

Aug 7 re: US armed forces = IDIOTS (pffft!) pic

Aug 7 Second Amendment Facts (by a gun owner) (Arizona)

Aug 7 Justice of the Peace (Maricopa county)

posted tue aug 5

Aug 5 "Honest Injun" pics pic

posted mon aug 4

Aug 4 Another day in Mayberryville pic

posted sun aug 3


Aug 3 Reagan Facts (Arizona)

Aug 3 re: Meeting / Bully

posted sat aug 2

Aug 2 straw man posts?

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