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10/12-10/25: Armed Citizens - Use of Deadly Force Certification Course
Facebook: @azarmedcitizensacademy

FINALLY…Best-in-class, easy to understand, legal education traditionally reserved for Law Enforcement and Lawyers, now available for all responsible, Armed Citizens!

Are You Legally Defensible?

Do you truly understand the Rules of Engagement, in the event you’re forced to use your firearm to survive a criminal attack?


•The 5 Elements of Self-Defense
•The Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement - When Can I Legally Shoot? When Can I Not Shoot?
•The Armed Citizens Secret Weapon - The Reasonable Man Doctrine
•Use of Deadly Force vs. Non-Deadly Force
•Necessary Force vs. Equal Force
•Disparity of Force Exceptions (Force of Numbers, Size/Strength Disadvantage Which Favors The Aggressor, Skilled/Highly Trained Fighter vs. An Average Person, Male vs. Female, Position of Disadvantage, Etc.)
•Other Potential Justifications For Lawfully Shooting An Aggressor(s) - Reasonable Perception & Furtive Movement
•Types of Other Criminal Activity That Would Legally Justify The Use of Deadly Force By An Armed Citizen
•’NEED TO KNOW' Arizona Armed Citizens Rules/Statutes, Related To The Use of Deadly Force:
- Initial Aggressor Rule
- Defensive Display
- Stand Your Ground - what are the rules of engagement on the street?
- The Castle Doctrine - what are the rules of engagement in the home?
- Consciousness of Guilt
- Self-Defense Criminal/Civil Immunity
•‘Myth Busters’, To Include:
- Can I Legally Shoot a Stranger I Find In My Home? Trespassing On My Property?
- Can I Legally Shoot a Rapist? Kidnapper? Arsonist? Child Molester? Robber? Fleeing Felon? Domestic Violence Attacker? Road Rage Aggressor?
- ‘I Will Just Drag a Burglar Back Into The House and Put a Knife In His Hand’!
- ‘Always Shoot An Attacker Until He’s Dead; This Way He Cannot Lie and Testify Against You’!
- Why Do I Need To Learn About The Use of Deadly Force; Won't My Lawyer Be Able To Properly Represent and Defend Me On His/Her Own?
•Understanding The Components/Dynamics of The Affirmative Defense For The Armed Citizen
•The Difference Between Murder, Manslaughter, And a Justifiable Shooting; Why It’s Important For You To Understand NOW!
•Dynamics of The Jury, Witnesses, Evidence, The Defense Attorney, The Prosecutor; Their Roles/Motivations and Why It’s Important For You To Understand NOW!

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