General Yard Clean-Up & Maintenance (Glendale)

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Weekly home maintenance can be challenging. You should be outside enjoying your yard right now. For you, we can maintain it properly!

Yard Service Includes:

-Mow & edge the grass (if any)
-Trim bushes as needed (up to 6 ft)
-Cut & spray weeds in the rock & hardscapes
-Blow (then remove that debris)
-Check irrigation for leaks once per month
-Fertilize grass twice a year
-Set the timer for seasonal changes twice a year (for summer & winter)

-Keep tree canopies at 6 feet (Our intention is to lift up the canopy of larger trees with a trimmer so you can walk under them. If larger branches would need to be cut, that is not included. Citrus trees and very small trees shouldn’t be raised that high so we don’t. We treat small palms (pigmy or mediterranean fan palms) as bushes but other palms are not included)

*We can handle any extra work on request, including planting, removal, transplanting of plants, and more.

Cleanup Services:

-Onetime cleanups
-Cleanups to prepare the property for maintenance services - which includes an irrigation evaluation
-Weed abatement
-Haul away all clippings and debris
-Lawn Mowing/ Edging/Seeding/Sod Installation/Fertilizing
-Storm Debris Clean Up
-Weed Removal/Treatment Application
-Tree Canopies Lift Up (The tree leaves and branches covering the ground)
*6 Feet High Max
*Larger Branches are (Not Included)
-Overgrown Shrubs & Bushes Trimming/Removal
-Gravel Raking
-Alleyway Cleanup's
-Dog Poop Clean-Up
-Trash and Debris Haul Away & Disposal
-Overgrown Yard Cleanup
-Yard Waste Removal
-Abandoned Home Cleanup
-Yard Debris Removal
-Leaf Removal
-Hedge/Shrubs Trimming

Weed Control Service's

Weed Control & Prevention(Optional)
-The Weed Solution is a licensed and insured, chemical applicator ready to apply both pre and post emergent herbicides for superior weed control.

-Organic Weed Control
*Pour 1 gallon of white vinegar into a bucket. 5-percent household white vinegar is fine. ...
*Add 1 cup of table salt. ...
*Stir in 1 tablespoon of liquid dish washing soap. ...
*Blend all thoroughly and then funnel the weed killer into a plastic spray bottle.

Weed Control By Hand
-Manually removing unwanted weeds by hand or with lawn care tools is the most selective and environmentally friendly way to control weeds on your property.

Weed Removal
-Weed Whacking
-Cut to Soil, Rake, Bag, Haul Away

Weed Barrier Installation
-Another organic, non toxic option is weed control fabric. This is commonly used around the base of shrubs and trees. Weed control fabric prevents weed seeds buried in the soil beneath from sprouting.

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