Sweet Sensual Bliss ~ Intuitive Touch + Reiki ~Singles/Couples (Scottsdale)

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Discover the transformative power of pink tantra with Kanixa, a devoted Tantrika, Yogini, and Energy Healer who has dedicated her life to guiding and uplifting people on their spiritual journey. Throughout her years of service, Kanixa has helped countless individuals across the nation find clarity, compassion, and empowerment. I am traveling from Hawaii to offer these sessions in Phoenix for the first time since I began my professional practice in 2015.

These sessions are 1:1 in-person session for men and women or I can also guide couples through up to three deeply connective Intuitive Tantra Sessions.

Whether you're feeling tense, closed off, or in need of deep relaxation, my sanctuary offers a safe and sacred space for men, women, and couples to reconnect with their highest bliss. As an experienced Dakini, I offer a nurturing and compassionate touch that will rejuvenate your energy vortex and unlock your infinite potential for boundless love.

During our sessions, you'll enjoy a full-body tantric massage, reiki, chakra cleansing, aromatherapy, and sound healing. With each session, you'll dive deeper into the tantric arts, discovering new techniques to awaken your kundalini energy and experiencing profound shifts in your emotional body, relationships, and work life.

For couples, I offer a unique opportunity to explore tantric massage together, with me as your guide. Whether you're looking to rekindle your passion or deepen your connection on a heart level, my Couples Intuitive Tantra Series offers three sweet sessions of transformative bliss. If you are engaged to be married soon ask about my Tantric union ceremonies that offer you a sacred and sweet moment to enjoy the calm bliss of your beautiful commitment about to take place. These ceremonies are personalized to your interests as a couple to find unique ways to honor one another before your special day.

So if you're ready to awaken your juicy sensual nature and embrace the magnificence of all that you are, book a session today! Let me support you in your daily life and guide you on a journey of relaxation, sensual bliss, and transformation.

Here is my availability for Phoenix, AZ:
June 18th 6pm-10pm
June 19th 8am - 10pm
June 20th 8am - 10pm
June 21st 8am - 10pm
June 22nd 8am-10am

Please note: These sessions are sensual and rejuvenating NOT sexual. There are no sexual techniques offered in these sessions.

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