TNC Methadone/Medical Clinic Driver $55 1st Ride $10,000 Gaurantee (Maricopa, Phoenix, Mesa, Apache Junction, Gilbert, San Tan)

TNC Methadone/Medical Clinic Driver $55 1st Ride $10,000 Gaurantee 1 thumbnailTNC Methadone/Medical Clinic Driver $55 1st Ride $10,000 Gaurantee 2 thumbnailTNC Methadone/Medical Clinic Driver $55 1st Ride $10,000 Gaurantee 3 thumbnail
compensation: I DO IT YOU CAN TOO> $55 for signing up and doing 1st trip. $150 extra for the 50th trip $300 Extra for the 125th trip GUARANTEED $10,000 for 600 trips GUARANTEED $00.00 for doing nothing!
1st screen shot shows what I did for March. If that was you your pay would have been $6,097.53 2nd Screen shot shows what I did in one week March 3-9 2024. If that was you, your pay would have been $1841.77 for the first week because of the new driver bonuses! Then look forward next week for the 125th ride where you get a additional $300. My screen shot shows 93 rides but 19 of those were cancellations. That works out to $24.88 per ride. All you need is a approved vehicle (NO TRUCKS), good driving history, no felonies and follow my instructions. Don't have a vehicle? Found one that rents for about $300 he has 3 and wants drivers now.

I am a current Ride-share driver and will show you how you should reliably earn $200 daily by working 7 hours a day Monday-Friday between the hours of 6AM-9AM three hour break then 12PM-4PM. Work weekends for extra cash. I work with a rideshare service that provides non-emergency medical transportation for patients that are unable to use uber, lyft or waymo because of mental or physical issues. Many don't even have a working smart phone. Majority of the rides come from government contracts to provide medical or mental related transportation.

It's no secret anymore. Investors have supported these TNC's heavily at their start and at a loss. Now they want a return. In their own publication the plan is increase the fares and reduce the driver pay and incentives. It is admitted this will have dissatisfaction of "some" drivers. I think they are doing this now. I was in Las Vegas recently and got a lyft. I paid $10.00 for a short ride and my driver told me she got only $4. Start asking your riders what they pay. Is it now overtime to fight back? One of the ways is to add a TNC to your tool kit. The TNC I work with sends some of their rides at a higher cost to lyft because they don't have enough drivers. I think they would rather pay less and deal direct with the driver. This is the logic of the heavy new driver bonus. Hey lyft driver, doesn't make sense to deal direct with the provider and earn more for the same ride? Time is money. Call now (602) 397-5979

Other Advantages:

No grocery store runs.
Grocery shopping are typically very short and are not allowed on this service. They are allowed to get a couple of items while waiting for a prescription.

Not a moving service.
Patients are allowed to have a personal item such as a wheelchair or walker.

Bankers hours
No bar crowd.

Underage riders
They are allowed because the ride is monitored. I heard uber now allows it but in the past it was a permanent deactivation if caught working with lyft or uber in the past.

$55 extra for signing up and doing 1st trip.
$150 extra for the 50th trip
$300 Extra for the 125th trip
GUARANTEED $10,000 for 600 trips (Average $16.66 per ride)
GUARANTEED $00.00 for doing nothing!

These bonuses are effective now but count on them going away when they have enough people who want to work.

I instruct:
How to avoid and limit time for NO-SHOWS
How to earn the most with your time.
Where to lease a vehicle
Where to get the cheapest car repairs.

I will show how to get up to $2.55 per gallon on gas for a limited time.
I will also show how to get up to $1.55 off regularly.

The time to act is now. Don't miss your spot.
Call (602)397-5979 now to see if you can qualify.
Please only those who are serious and not lazy.

WARNING!! Procrastination is the enemy. Driver bonuses change on the 1st of the month.
DISCLAIMER: Offer is subject to change at anytime. They do change but once you sign up & active when the offer is effective your locked in! This offer is effective only for the Phoenix metro area only. (602)397-5979

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