40 y/o male looking for room (Phoenix)

Theres a man, 43 years of age, African American mixed, who moved from California about five months ago that will be looking for a room/ apartment to rent on October 1st. I would HIGHLY recommend googling his first and last name and seeing if anything pops up.

Find a mugshot from 2007-2012 of a guy looking like a kicked puppy? That's him! If you're looking for a roommate that seems normal until you ask him to do anything, and then he starts behaving like a 13 year old girl? Hes the guy for you!

Stopped responding to my text messages and then accused me of recording him, which escalated into him accusing me of entering his room when he was gone and peeping under his door? Almost made us late for rent over the labor day weekend because he didn't want to pay me rent a day early so I could actually go to a bank and deposit our money. I was lucky enough to have savings to cover it.

Want someone who's probably going to skip out on last months SRP? Hes your guy for that, too! A full blown honest to god man child.

When he doesnt get his way he'll start throwing insults at you, texting you at odd hours of the morning like 2am and 5am. Threatening to call the police I'd you go into his room. Making up stories about things he thinks you're doing.

Did I mention he has ELEVEN past misdemeanors, including criminal trespassing, possession of narcotics and driving with an open container? A total winner!!!

IF you think youd like to still give this man the benefit of the doubt, make him sign something saying if he starts acting up you have the right to evict him with only 24 hour notice. And get a nonrefundable deposit. This man is definitely unstable.
Email me if you want proof of all of these scenarios. And do your research.
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