Professional Landscape Design (25yrs) Homeowners & Contractors (Valley Wide)

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Hi I'm Jason Temple,

Call/Text/Email me (520-483-5555) email: templelandscapedesign at ya h o o dot com

(If you're a landscape contractor or installer there is a note at the bottom of this page)

Hello Homeowners!

If your looking for a Comprehensive Landscape Design in hand to get an apples to apples bid from any landscape contractor than you are on the right page. Or if you want to do it in phases or do it yourself, your still on the right page :)

Note: I am not a contractor/installer nor do I work for one.

It's not easy deciding where to start when it comes to your landscape project.
You may want to renovate your current environment or you might be starting with a clean slate
dirt yard. Either way, I want to help make this process as EASY and STRESS FREE as possible for you.

Your Happiness Starts With a Great Design!

There are plenty of landscapers out there, and most are good at what they do. But most can't provide you with a quality detailed working drawing design. Most landscape companies will send someone out who will take some measurements, drag their foot along the ground making lines in the dirt attempting to show you where things would be, then give you a bid for your project.

And if a contractor does draw you up something, they might say the design or sketch is free as long as you use their company for the installation. You might start to feel 'stuck' and saying
"well I guess it's a good price and I hope my yard will look good when it's done".


And one that will give you PEACE OF MIND and CONFIDENCE!

I've been in this industry for over 25 years, I worked as the senior designer for a Landscape Architect for over 16 of those years. I have also worked for several landscape contractors as their sells and design guy.

Landscape contractors pad an unknown design price into your bid for a 'free' design, so your going to end up paying an unknown amount for a 'sketch' if they will even provide you with one. So your best path is to hire a professional landscape designer like myself up front. Glad you found me because my service is not easy to find without paying a
Landscape Architect gazillions. I will take the time to understand what your needs and wants are, and can provide lots of ideas and input to insure your design is exactly what you want.

Basically you have three choices when it comes to starting your landscape project...

1. Do it all yourself.

2. Call a landscape contractor. There are a ton out there. I just hope you get one who can design and will take the time to work with you on the details of the project.
Hopefully you and he/she can get on the same page as to what you want and what they have in mind. Hopefully they have quality design knowledge and integrity and not just good at digging the holes and planting the plants.

3. Relax, Breath, and Call or Text me RIGHT NOW! (Leave message if I'm busy, I will get back asap)
Here is exactly how the process will work:

Call/Text/Email me (520-483-5555) templelandscapedesign at ya h o o dot com
I provide a free consultation (if needed) at your property and discuss the project details.
Sometimes once you provide me with address and details of what your wanting I can give you an
approximate quote over the phone or email.
Most of the time I will need to take a look in person but sometimes, especially if its a all dirt yard, I can give
you a quote once I look at the property on Gearth.

I'll provide you a quote when we are finished discussing the project for design services and if all looks good a small down payment for beginning the design project. (I accept Cash, Check, Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, Cash App) Some
small designs I don't require a down payment, but once I send you over a .pdf to look at progress, I require
a partial payment... I've been doing this a long time and never have had any issues of not getting paid, or anyone claiming that I have not done exactly what I said I would do. I have high integrity and so far all of the people whom have hired me also has the same. And my customer satisfaction rate is 100%. Referrals available if requested.

As I design your project I will be sending you over pdf's (viewable on your computer or phone) of the design along the way for you to look over to ensure we are on the same page and your design is to your liking. And changes, take aways, or additions can be worked out along the way.

When complete, I provide you with a .pdf electronic file of your plan on large 24" x 36" format. This will be a professional Auto Cad computer detailed 'working drawing' in plan view. I can provide you with 2 copies on large paper and mail them to you for a $30 fee. Or you can simply take or email the .pdf to any print shop (OfficeMax, Techniprint) and get it printed on large 24x36 format for a few bucks.

FYI: I don't do 3D drawings. They are pretty but trust me, landscape install contractors would rather have a detailed 2D 'working drawing' in black and white that is accurate and drawn to scale to work from and be able to measure from instead of a 3d drawing that looks pretty but has no or little info for a contractor to actually bid it and build it.

Examples of my designs are included in the pics of this ad.

Your design will be EXACTLY what you need for a complete solid bid from the landscape contractor of your choice, and for them to build and install it just how it's supposed to be.
And you will be able to use this design to obtain bids from several contractors to shop price if you wish.

At times separate sheets for irrigation, lighting, hardscape, pool design, details, etc are needed but not usually.
Most of the time I can get it all on one page 24" x 36" plan.

If you are currently working with a pool company I can consult with them to get the design layout to put
on the design or you can provide me with it if you have one already.

My Comprehensive Landscape Design Plans have all the information, square feet, linear feet, details, notes,
plant legend, lighting legend, materials lists, etc so that any landscape company can give you a REAL SOLID NUMBERS BID on your landscape project and you know EXACTLY what your paying for.

Now you can provide the landscape contractors of your choice the design and get as many bids as you want. Simply call any contractor and hand them your design and say "give me your best price" No hassle, you already have a professional detailed Landscape Design in hand! And you and the landscape contractor knows exactly what you want in detail with solid numbers so they can bid it right down to the square inch! And you know exactly what your paying them for.

My design prices usually fall into one of five price categories but it will depend on your project scope:
$600 / $1,000 / $1,500 / $2,500 / $3,500+

Remember, just one tree purchased and planted can cost $300 - $900+ depending on size so my price for designing your project (and your piece of mind) is a very small percentage of your total installation cost.

YOU WILL SAVE $$, TIME, HEADACHE in the long run by hiring me to design your project before calling a contractor. Period.

Do you live in an HOA and need to get a plan approved? I specialize in dealing with HOA's. My designs pass through their review usually on 1st submit. Just email me their regulations/guidelines and I'll take it from there.

Don't have time to meet up with me? That's ok...just email me your address, a copy of your
plot plan or sketched plan with yard dimensions and any ideas you have and I will
send you a quote for the design.

So let me help you make your landscape project as stress free as possible and detail oriented at the same time!

I am Valley Wide so no matter where you are in the valley of the Sun I am available!

Call or Text me Today! at 520-483-5555

Thank You
Jason Temple
'Temple Design'

Email: (use this email if emailing me plz thx)
t e m p l ela n d sc a p e de sig n at y a h oo . co m (no spaces:)

I look forward to helping you soon! :)

I provide designs for a few landscape contractors. Most of the time you already know what you want or need on the plan and so I don't have to spend as much time 'designing'. Call or Text me and we can discuss the details and I can give you a quote. Jason


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