airplane flight lessons by CFI in Cessna 172, aircraft rental included - $199 (Chandler, AZ)

I'm a certificated flight instructor (CFI), instrument flight instructor (CFII), ground advanced and instrument instructor (AGI & IGI) and I offer a complete flight training program from 0 (no prior flying experience) to a private pilot certificate (PPL) in my own Cessna 172. I also offer flight training for the commercial license (CPL) or instrument rating (IR). To save you money, I incorporate several ground school programs that you can choose from for cheap and effective ground training for the FAA knowledge test that best fits your learning style and your schedule.

If you have never flown before, our first step would be a discovery flight - about 1.4 hour (1 hour 24 minutes) flight time during which you can familiarize yourself with the airport, the aircraft, have some fun flying it, and be able to ask as many questions as you want after the flight. Based on that flight, you will then decide if it's for you or not. Your discovery flight is just a normal training flight but just a little shorter. You will receive a logbook entry so that the flight does count for your required hours, even if you decide to fly with someone else. While the flight is slightly above an hour, plan about 3 hours of your time so we can talk about the flight training curriculum after your flight. I do not charge for that QA session, just only for the flight.

If you liked your discovery flight, then the next step would be to train you so you can fly solo. That's right, after some training, you will be able to fly the airplane on your own while still being a student pilot. It's a once-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. In fact, FAA requires you to accumulate at least 10 solo flight hours, some local and some cross-country, to sit for a private pilot final exam.

Then we will have cross-country training, like flights to Pyson or Sedona. These are super fun. We will also have some night training as well, and flying at night is very relaxing and beautiful.

Finally, you will practice the required maneuvers for your final exam with an examiner who will have the final flight with you and issue you a private pilot certificate upon successful flight.

You must be at least 16 years old to solo and 17 years old to pass the private pilot checkride (final exam).

One dual hour (flight instructions AND Cessna 172 airplane) costs $199/h total (airplane rental is $139/h and instructions is $60/h), and includes teaching, airplane rental, fuel cost and all other fees. There is no sales tax for dual training (a flight with an instructor). The time clocks only when the engine is running so you don't pay for the aircraft when doing the required pre-flight inspection or adjusting your seat before your flight. That's so much cheaper than what you would pay at regular flight schools or FBO. The typical flight class should be between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours of flight time. When you fly solo, you just pay $139 for the aircraft only.

I'm authorized by FAA to process your student pilot license, train you for solo and let you fly solo. Since I own a flight school and it is my aircraft, it simplifies the procedure as you will not have to deal with anybody else during your entire course. For example, that means no annoying and pricy stage checks, and your final exam will be also conducted in the same aircraft.

Message me today to start your aviation journey. Please note that sometimes it may take a few hours to receive a reply - especially if I'm flying with the other student.

Happy flying!
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