AQUARIUM DESIGN & MAINTENANCE SERVICE - Experienced & Reliable! (Scottsdale)

AQUARIUM DESIGN & MAINTENANCE SERVICE - Experienced & Reliable! 1 thumbnailAQUARIUM DESIGN & MAINTENANCE SERVICE - Experienced & Reliable! 2 thumbnailAQUARIUM DESIGN & MAINTENANCE SERVICE - Experienced & Reliable! 3 thumbnail
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We take pride in our attention to detail, depth of knowledge, quality of service, and our tailored approach to aquarium design. We work closely with interior designers, architects and our clients to create self contained ecosystems, complimenting the space in which they reside. We follow up our amazing installations with expert maintenance, which is critical to the success and enjoyment of your aquarium.
Considering an aquarium? Or do you already own one and need expert support?

Consult with us to discuss areas such as:

  • Lighting
  • Filtration
  • Water chemistry
  • Husbandry
  • Livestock choices
  • Health and feeding
  • General best practices

Making the right decisions in any of these areas, makes all the difference in the world for you and your aquarium.

Our diverse experience, and extensive knowledge, allows us to guide you around common pitfalls providing valuable insight into those little details often missed by even the most seasoned aquarium hobbyists.

We also love helping beginners get started in the hobby. Therefore as a newcomer, you benefit from 15 years of knowledge and expertise. It positions you to get setup right the first time, and avoid the frustrations of the internet, when searching for sound advise regarding your new or proposed aquarium. Also noteworthy to consider is that when partnered with experts, you will avoid costly mistakes at the expense of your wallet and the animals in your care.

Other reasons to reach out:

  • Apex controller programming
  • Tank moves/upgrades
  • Aquascaping
  • Coral sales
  • Vacation services
  • Equipment setup

We look forward to working with you!

Licensed, Insured and A+ BBB rated.

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