Female Terrier Pug Mix Companion Dog - $50 (Arcadia)

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Lola is 2 1/2 years old. We purchased her for $200 when she was 3 months old. She was born September 2021.  She is about 18" tall, 24" long, 35 lb. and has medium length, light brown/gold hair.  We purchased her to be our kids' first dog.  Over the time we've had her, we know her personality well now.  She is not the ideal kids' dog. Sure she doesn't mind kids and she's nice to them when they give her attention. She tolerates small children very well. My two year old likes to even put her dresses on her.
However, she really wants adult attention.  She only pays attention to kids and follows them around when they have food.  When my husband and I pay attention to the kids, she wants to take our attention away from them.  She does like people food more than we will tolerate.  If you are looking for a dog that will be your companion, lay with you on your bed or couch, accompany you anywhere you want, and you don't mind sharing some of your food with her, she's your perfect dog. She is very affectionate. She is also a great watchdog in the sense that she knows if someone is at your door, is coming through your gate, or is near your backyard.  With strangers (say you have a new guest) she's very barky but calms down relatively quickly and will just quietly lay down near you. Given her age, she is obviously fully house trained and if she doesn't have access to a doggie door to the outside, she will let you know she needs to go by whining and pawing at your door.  If you're a walker... She's not great at it.  She pulls, which is another thing that doesn't mix with me taking walks with my kids. She is good with other animals after the few minute barky "who are you" phase.  She's never bitten anyone or any animal.  She loves playing tug of war, but yet again, oddly just with me or my husband.  She has a microchip implant.  She is not spayed.  She appears and acts healthy, though no I've not taken her to the vet since she hasn't exhibited any ailments.  So   all in all, she is a sweet and affectionate dog, but is better for adults.  She is not a kid-seeking playmate who will lunge into the pool with the kids without hesitation, or go bonkers and chase a ball thrown by the kids, which is what we want and need. 

On a side note, when it comes to grooming, she is very tolerant. She quickly just relaxes and lets you do your thing. I groom her in summer to give her a break from the heat.

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