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Our family has purchased four vehicles from Rock Solid over the years.

The dealership is great, the service department is very helpful, but do NOT use CSA to finance!
We have had repeated issues with CSA not updating car insurance renewal information, resulting in being overcharged due to not having insurance.
Their financing company CSA is completely clueless, with the exception of Tim Thrift.
This issue however, is not about Car Insurance renewal.

We upgraded to a car from Carvana with about 7 months left of payments.
Carvana requested a 10 Day Payoff Form so they could pay it.
CSA supervisors had no idea what that even was.
One would expect that a legitimate finance company would know what it was.
Using MS Paint, or some similar, they put something together.
Carvana said they needed Per Diem included, so another form was issued by CSA.
On 2 April they took the payoff from Carvana.
On April 5, they took a payment from our bank for $207.69
Mistakes happen, and I understand that.

I called that morning, and emailed Tim.

Like every time one calls some place like this for security, I had to verify identity with my complete street address, and the make, model, and year of vehicle.
I can understand that.
However, it seems the representatives put NO NOTES in the customer records, so EVERY TIME I called, I had to go over the complete timeline of the issue AGAIN.
This will become extremely irritating with the number of calls placed.

Tim replied:
I have sent to Dan and Rich the supervisors to research. Thanks will follow up.

April 15, having heard nothing, I left voicemail for Dan and emailed Tim again:

The Payoff to CSA was completed by Carvana, but the following Friday saw the usual payment to CSA.
We have yet to know the disposition of this over payment.
Please advise, thanks!

Tim replied:
I will look into this. I sent your request to management to research again. It might be best if you call in tomorrow after 10 am and ask fro Daniel the supervisor. Since I have done all I can. Thanks

On the April 16th I got a representative on the phone. She said they would refund the 207.69 that was taken within 7-10 days.

May 6th still nothing.
I called again, left voicemail, and emailed Tim:

It's been WAY over two weeks, and we've yet to see any refund on the automated payment taken out by CSA after Carvana paid off the 2010 Hyundai.
I've not heard from Richard, nor anybody else except you.
Please advise.

And again May 8:

I called on April 16 as you instructed, but Richard was out. The lady who spoke with me said it would take 10-14 days for reimbursement. Unfortunately, that's not yet happened. Monday May 6 I called, and also yesterday, finally reached Dan at about 4:45 pm , who told me he'd call me back in a few minutes. Around six pm, I left voicemail in the general voicemail box.
Is there someone else I ought to be contacting? I need those funds returned to pay other bills. Please advise.

I left more voicemails for Dan, and also emailed Tim a few hours later:

Sorry to keep bothering you about this, but you're the only person at CSA that has efficiently and expeditiously provided answers and information to me in the past.

I've still not heard from anybody about the overpayment taken by CSA on 5 April, when Carvana paid off the vehicle on 2 April. As mentioned, I have bills due, and need those funds returned like, two weeks ago.

Please advise

Tim replied:

Yes I know I have sent multiple emails to both Dan and Rich. Both of your emails today. I cannot do anything more. Call in and ask fro Dan. Sorry Thanks

So I made more calls, and left more messages.

Dan finally called, and said that the issue had 'slipped through the cracks'.
A check was being issued that day.

On May 11, I received a check for $196.00

$196 is not $207.69

I called and emailed.
I called and emailed A LOT.

May 13 email to Tim:

I received a check on Saturday like Dan said I would but it appears to be about $11 and some change short. attached is a screenshot of our bank showing the amount 207 removed whereas the check I received was 196 please advise I left a message for Dan as he is not in the office today

Thanks much

And on May 14 after more voicemails:
greetings Tim
I just left another voicemail on the general voice mailbox at the CSA number I did not get to speak with a representative still trying to reach Dan still trying to find out why that refund on the overpayment was $9 short thanks

Tim replied:

It must have been a helluva meeting, cause I still have not heard from him.

May 16, I got hold of a representative who I explained everything to yet again.
She transferred me to Kathy or Cathy.

I was informed that the $11 was taken to cover interest, and that I'd not be getting that back.

How the hell would they have recovered that had they not taken the autopayment?
Why was I not informed previously?
Why'd it take ELEVEN days to process the payoff?

These questions are unanswered.
Customer Service at CSA BLOWS.
Setting customer expectations is apparently not part of representative training.

Tim is extremely knowledgeable, but is hampered by two phantom supervisors in what he can and cannot do, and Kathy/Cathy has no service skills.
She was a real itch-bay.

Carvana was SO much easier to deal with AND they take the SAME CREDIT scores as Rock Solid.
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