LOST Rifle case with weapons (Flagstaff)

89 near Townsend

(google map)

Still not found....
Flagstaff, Arizona
Please spread the word.

Please return, offering a reward!!!!

Missing case is the rectangular one on the baggage dolly.

Photos of the window and stacked luggage to show how it happened.

Original post below

LOST!!!!! REWARD!!!!

So, my husband was coming home from a Wyoming hunt Tuesday night. He was 1 1/4 miles from home and avoided a vehicle that tried to run him off road. He swerved one way, then the other. His gun case was on top of his luggage, and then he had a box on top of his luggage that was for work, then gun case was on that, level with the back windows. The double swerve and the stupid cardbord box (slippery with the hard plastic) gave the case momentum to smash out back side window of his Tahoe. Because the idiot who ran him off road, he immediately thought it was a gun shot, he got where he could pull over, checked himself and the truck and saw the case was missing and the huge hole in the window. He turned back and then saw a sherrif, who he flashed lights at and asked for his help. The sherrif wanted to check him out first before hearing what he wanted. ( I get it, it is dark and there are crazy people now days!!!!) He then told him he was in city limits so he couldn't help and offered to call police. ;( So, Jon refused that and just wanted to go back and get his case. Well, while that was happening, someone picked it up. We have looked and looked, just incase weeds where hiding it. My husband is so sad, as it had 30 years of memories with close family and it just went on the last ever hunt with his Dad. :( His Dad also cried. So, if you live up here, can you help spread news? Thank you.

Please screen shot and share, thank you so much.

This happened on 89 heading east, approximately after Maverick heading towards Townsend at approx 10pm-ish

Pawn shops have been on rude side, not helpful at all and most have not even taken our phone number.

A police report was given. Still not returned. Still in shock of how this could happen.
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