6- Frank McCarthy Signed Prints - Framed - $2,000 (Surprise)

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#1. -This Frank McCarthy limited edition print, titled "IN THE PASS", is a magnificent piece of art that captures the essence of the Wild West. It features a stunning landscape, with the background showcasing rocky mountains and the foreground displaying a group of cowboys on horseback. The print is hand-signed and individually numbered by the artist in pencil, making it a unique and valuable addition to any art collection. The print measures 36” x 28” inches and comes framed, ready to be hung on your wall. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by Greenwich Village. This piece is perfect for any lover of Western art and would make a great gift. CA Copywright 78. $395.00

#2. -Frank McCarthy Forbidden Land - Native American. As the wagon trains pressed steadily westward during the 1800s, they often clashed with the Indians. Sometimes the Indians would accept gifts or collect tolls to allow them to pass, but not always. Here, a chief, standing high on the back of his horse to declare his authority and importance, is instructing the guide to take the wagon train back and not come across his land. Signed print size 39” W x 29 3/4”. Sign on back. $279.99

#3. -Frank McCarthy '' The Hostiles'' Signed Limited Editon Art Print, S/N, framed. The mid-1800s brought a great surge westward which aroused and antagonized the Native American tribes whose land was being violated and whose staff of life, the buffalo, was being exterminated. The Indians relentlessly attacked the endless wagon trains, the crews laying the railroad tracks, the pony express riders, the men stringing telegraph wires and the lone prospector seeking hidden mineral wealth on the Indian's sacred grounds. Warring bands waiting silently on high ridges and outcroppings would receive smoke signals from their scouts, whereupon they would descend in full fury upon the unsuspecting trespassers.
"The Hostiles" is a McCarthy classic, in subject and composition. The rugged land is as much a central character as the Indians who aggressively defend it. The prominent, rocky ledge emphasizes the powerful position of this band and the point man in particular. "The Hostiles" embodies the spirit of defiance in the face of all challengers both visible and anticipated. Signed 39” W x 29 1/2” Height. $450.00

#4. -Frank McCarthy “Watching the Wagons” Limited Edition Lithograph Signed. Limited Print. This is a rare and unique Frank McCarthy lithograph titled "Watching the Wagons". The artist's signature is present on the print, and it is a licensed reprint from 1985. The print is a large landscape orientation measuring 37 1/2” inches in length and 26 1/2” inches in height. It is a beautiful piece of contemporary art produced during the 1980s and features a realistic style. $600.00

#5. -FRANK McCARTHY Apache Scout 1982 MODERN WESTERN LANDSCAPE HAND SIGNED & NUMBERED. In 1973, he was awarded The Franklin Mint Gold Medal for Excellence in Western Painting. In 1974, the McCarthys moved to Sedona, Arizona, establishing a home and studio in that picturesque red-rock town. In that same year, Ballantine Books published The Western Paintings of Frank McCarthy. The following year Frank was elected to membership in the Cowboy Artists of America. In 1977, his painting, "The Fording" won the CAA Memorial Award at the annual exhibition at Phoenix Also, in that same year Frank was honored with two outstanding retrospective exhibitions, one at the R. W. Norton Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana and the other at the Museum of the Southwest, Midland, Texas. $695.00

#6. -Frank Mccarthy "The Beaver Men" Signed Numbered Framed Art Print 1977. This Frank McCarthy art print titled "The Beaver Men" is a beautiful addition to any art collection. The print is signed and numbered, and comes framed for your convenience. The artwork portrays a stunning depiction of men hunting beavers, with incredible attention to detail and color. This piece is perfect for anyone who loves art, history, or wildlife. In the frame this measures 31 1/2” W x 34 1/2” H. Frame is 1 1/2”. $714.00.

ALL FOR $2,000.

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