Sprite Edition of Project Fred 03 -UNOPENED (Peoria)

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Sprite Edition of Project Fred 03 - Trade For Bobs Big Boy or other collectible figures

Sprite Edition of Project Fred 03 - 11" Vinyl Collectible $400

Welcome to Project Fred, where Funko’s mascot Freddy personifies some of the most iconic pop-culture brands. Bring your collection into the future while connecting it to the core icons, brands, and moments that sparked your collection in the first place. This edition of Project Fred features Freddy Funko personifying Sprite®. This 11-inch-tall collectible is a substantial and sophisticated addition to a premium collector’s display. There’s a 1 in 10 chance you’ll find the chase version of Freddy in an alternate deco. Only 750 of this hard vinyl collectible were made and verified with a certificate of authenticity, which makes its addition to your set a cherished specialty. Sprite first appeared on the scene in 1956, as The Coca-Cola Company™ was exploring development of a tart and clear-colored drink. Customers welcomed the refreshing new flavor and gave it great reviews. Fast forward to 1994, when Sprite became associated with professional athletes and hip-hop artists as advertisements began to flood the market promoting the “cool” and zesty beverage. These campaigns continue to this day as the brand prides itself on being youthful, authentic, and upbeat. Fans of LeBron James may remember the NBA star’s limited-edition Sprite sodas, making this hard vinyl figure a fun way to commemorate the connection between two collections. The brand frequently features hip-hop artists and challenges fans to be true to themselves. This hard vinyl figure will pair well with an assortment of hip-hop music collections and artists, a classic ad icons set, or even with diner-themed décor. “Obey your thirst” and complete your collection with the refreshing Sprite edition of Project Fred! Please Note: Due to the special art design application process of this item, there may be slight print variations in the pattern on the product you receive, making it truly unique to you

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