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Women of Color,

Judge for yourself, what do you think Nikkci’s install. Looking nothing like her photos posted. Take a look at the braids she did on me vs the braids in her post.

This install happened Friday April 5th, I went to several hairstylist today and they absolutely could not believe that a stylist (Nikkci) who claims to have 20 years experience would have rows spaces 2 inch apart in some places. These stylist are of course mad I even paid Nikkci, and were more upset I posted without sharing the name of the stylist initially.

The inability to secure the front was the lease of my problems, the entire install was a hot mess which was my exact feeling, but Nikkci wouldn’t hear my feedback and refused to look at the photos of installs that looked great.

The stylist I saw today said Not sharing the stylist name in this review wasn’t helping anyone. I have since added her name, and the pictures the stylist took today.

Original Post
I’m paying for this post just to make you aware. As we all know, not all hair stylists have the same skill set, and in AZ, in my experience, finding a skilled Stylist is a challenge.

I’m unable to write a proper review on yelp about this stylist, I decided to share with you here and I let her know of my intentions.

This stylist moved here 7 months ago. I utilized her skills once before, didn’t like the job she did, and had no idea she was the same person since her number didn’t come up on my phone. Hey, everyone deserves a second chance. :-)

I’m taking full responsibility for not asking the right questions, like are you licensed? Do you have references I can call? Can I see pictures of your work, not just the ones on your post? I did not ask these questions, and I didn’t realize she was the person who I wasn’t happy with almost 7 months ago, until she was in my driveway. I accept what happened as a learning opportunity. No blame!

First, the appointment time was scheduled for Friday, April 5th at 10:00am, then she rescheduled for 2:00, then 2:30, then 3:30, then 4:30, then after 4:30 then 6:45. To her credit, she stayed in touch, then came to me. That was nice.

We confirmed she wanted me to bring a closure, which I did. While here, not saying it’s her fault, the dryer she brought, blew a fuse and shorted two surge protectors. Perhaps they were faulty, although brand new. Not blaming anyone, just sharing my experience.

Fast forward to the end of the install. I wasn’t happy about how much space was between the braids. She said she did the best she could on someone without edges and that I should have brought a frontal or 360 like she suggested. Twilight Zone moment. There was never any mention of frontal or 360. Good ideas though. Lol

When she installed the closure, she used glu without asking me or telling me. When it got on my forehead she asked for alcohol. I had alcohol wipes from my first aid kit which she was unhappy with. She wanted a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Said the wipes were dry. I Asked her why she didn’t bring the supplies she needed with her, or ask me to have alcohol available. So glue was left on my forehead because some of the wipes had dried out. I also had to go to the store and purchase tweezers since she didn’t bring those either.

As far as I know, to her credit, she did a great job with bleaching the knots, no hair stylist has ever done that for me before, and she did a great job washing and conditioning my hair. My hair was soft and smelled yummy. Her own creation I think. :-) I highly recommend!

Back to the closure? She cut out a 3 inch by 2 in square piece of nylon to attach the closure to. ( by the way, its completely visible through the closure since she thinned out my closure so much for this process), Well, the closure, wasn’t and still isn’t sticking to the nylon. She blamed it on an oily scalp and foreordained, oil which she applied. She kept saying how this had never happened before, she kept pulling the closure to the front of my head trying to get it to cover and stick to the nylon. She reapplied the glu that doesn’t really damage hair, and kept trying. She tied it down while continuing the install but it lifted right up after she took off the tie. Not just the front, you will see photos of how the closure is not attached at all. Front, top, nowhere.

When she left, I asked her to take photos of this install and put it on line so people could see. Of course she did not take I did.

I contacted her today and said I didn’t appreciate her doing me dirty, taking the money and leaving me with an unattached closure. I let her know I was posting these photos. I sent them to her 1st. I didn’t need to since she was looking at my head the entire time. She said she didn’t appreciate being threatened. I said the only reason a person would consider a review or the posting of photos from a service a someone who knew they did a poor job.

She offered to try again, fair offer but after 7 reschedules and leaving my closer line she did... why? Just wanted her to know she has an unsatisfied customer, since she bragged about how her customers love her.

This wasn’t intentional, but she shouldn’t have accepted payment until the hair was right.

People see things on YouTube, want to try it, and if it doesn’t work, where does that leave the customer? I remember her saying she was self taught and watched a lot of YouTube videos. I know there is a lot to be learned from YouTube. My point is, Ask for references, You work hard. Time and Money is scarce. Spend it wisely.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. It’s not important to name this stylist, she’s trying to make a living, and I’m sure she has done some beautiful work. Just not for me. I’m sharing my experience about a person who has lots of photos of “her” work in her post and 20 years experience, according to her post. And still was unable to secure a closure.

She left telling me the closure would stay gluded down while at the same time telling me how she was upset it kept coming unglued and left like that. That’s what upsets me most! I’m not salty about, just thought it was my duty to share. If someone had a similar experience with a stylist, I would liked to have known. That’s why I’m sharing here, not to hurt her business but to help you ask good questions when selecting a stylist.

To Your Journey!
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