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FACT You needed a website yesterday if you want to compete in todays business world.
We have offered professional websites for all kinds of businesses, realtors and organizations for over 20 years.

************************What you get with the 1 Day Website Sale************************

1. A responsive wordpress website customized for your business up to 5 pages. Your site will look GREAT on tablets, computers and smart phones.
2. We GIVE you FREE web hosting. This means NO MONTHLY hosting, maintenance or website security fees.
3. Offer includes UNLIMITED revisions at NO extra charge.
4. Top rated SEO plugin installation and google indexing through GOOGLE webmaster tools.
5. Marketing. 10 local directory submissions for your local business and 2 Press releases.

*****************************WHO ARE WE? ***************************************

Owned and operated by a USMC Veteran who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps
Business owner and resident of Phoenix for over 20 years.
Certified wordpress expert and certified SEO. YES we will provide proof. Marines have integrity!!!
Active community volunteers who have worked with Salvation army and Special Olympics.

*****************************TERMS OF SALE******************************

Sale will end after first 10 signups or at 12:01am August 22, 2019.
All payments up front in full through our secure merchant. References will be provided we have a clear track record. Trust me I am not looking to lose my merchant account over $400. I do business in all 50 states so I need to be able to accept credit and debit cards. Without a merchant I cannot process credit cards for out of state deal. So payment is received and up goes the site. Cut and dry.


ALWAYS ask to see credentials like certifications and degrees.
CHECK at least 5 customer references. Not their Aunt, Uncle, Girlfriend......check REAL CUSTOMERS.
Conduct GOOGLE SEARCH of ANY business claiming to be experts in SEO. Many businesses on this site do not rank in generic and keyword searches. If they CAN'T get their own business on first page I sure wouldn't trust them to get your business there.
DO NOT PAY FOR HOSTING. We don't offer FREE HOSTING just because we are billionaires (which we are not) we offer FREE WEB HOSTING because there really is no need to charge you.

*******THINGS TO AVOID********

Pay by the month websites. There is a couple reasons for this. Why pay $20, $40, $50, $100 or more for your website, hosting, maintenance etc. Any business I deal with should have great customer service and you already being a customer should not be charged extra for something that should be a standard. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPORTANT. Also have 2,3,5 or more years you end up PAYING way way MORE for your website than if you had just paid a monthly rate. If this appeals to you because you have little capital. Use your credit card 1 time and pay off the 4 or 500 bucks and be done with it. It will SAVE you MONEY in the long run. Also monthly website services tend to not give you full ownership of the site and if you stop paying they take your site down. END OF STORY.

* facebook business pages
* online reputation management
* optimized content
* press releases
* ppc creation and management of google adsense and facebook ads
My services stand alone and will give you great value for the money. Take advantage of my expertise and affordable pricing and take your business to the next level today! Call or text.

OUT OF STATE COMPANIES ARE RISKY----99% it's BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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