live-in alternating two days on end two days off with other caregive (goodyear)

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compensation: $1600 a month plus room and board
Asia I apologize to those of seeing this ad many times I have hired several people in last year and unfortunately 90% of them have drug problems or alcohol problems I am pushing this out again hopefully I can find one good caregiver before my road trip next month going back to Iowa for my high school reunion Must have valid drivers license, call right away if you might be interested so that you don't miss out I do not check my email as often as I should. I am looking for one live-in caregiver to replace a caregiver who left for medical reasons. I have two live-in caregivers that alternate shifts I have a ceiling lift so that most people can get me in and out of bed with no problem. I am a male quadriplegic injured in a car accident on icy roads when I was eighteen years old I am now fifty-six years old. I need help getting dressed in the morning, help cooking two meals per day, keep my house clean, basically clean up after yourself, drive me in my wheelchair accessible van to a variety of different venues, karaoke a couple times a month. Texas hold interment, concerts, baseball games etc. just need somebody strong enough and without too many other commitments that might get in the way of my schedule you will need to be here two days in a row, then the other caregiver will be here two days in a row switching off throughout the month, each caregiver will have his or her room with their own TV and you do not have to leave on your days off because this is room and board. I am hoping to get someone clean-cut, energetic and willing to try new things. Payday is on the first and fifteenth of the month, I pay out of my own pocket no government checks here. Each caregiver will be paid sixteen hundred dollars a month plus room and board. No experience necessary, we will train almost anyone.I have a really nice brand-new full-size handicap Van. I'm looking for someone clean-cut with good hygiene. I like to go to the country bar close to my home and do Dance in my wheelchair and karaoke. I do not want to be embarrassed by a caregiver that doesn't take care of themselves because I just very nice and it would be nice to have a wing man or wing woman LOL looking good and feeling good about themselves. I have been very lucky have had some really good caregivers over the years, one guy for twelve years and another guy for eleven years. Whoever a higher I'm hoping they can potentially commit to at least one year and hopefully longer.I have a wheelchair that goes eight and one half miles per hour it's a quickie I have a brand-new Schwinn twenty-one speed bicycle for caregivers to right next to me, also have electric scooter for what is too hot. I am not your typical quadriplegic in a wheelchair I like a lot better Than most guys in wheelchairs. I used to go to a country-western bar in San Diego called in cahoots they had a reserve for Larry spot as photos of good-looking women I dated I was very popular for at least twenty years I only say that because I'm not a Debbie downer. Looking forward to hiring somebody upbeat with a good attitude if you think you are the one call me right away I will be interviewed everybody in person that lets me know if you want to show up on time. And see how clean-cut you are. You would be amazed on how many people don't show up for an interview but beg me to hire them over the phone. I feel like you can train anybody to do this job but I'm looking for somebody with a good match, somebody who might like singing karaoke, somebody that likes playing Texas hold them because I play twice a week, somebody that likes to go do outdoor things because I enjoy the heat. Everywhere you go including restaurants and bars have air-conditioning LOL.I have a thirty-two hundred square foot home with four bedrooms and three baths, a swimming pool out back, a pool table, and a sitdown arcade game with four hundred games from the nineteen eighties. I'm telling you that this house is rarely boring everybody has a TV in their own room, eighty-five inch in the family room, seventy-five inch television by the pool table. I job like this for working for a cool gentleman like myself living in a nice home and not a rundown apartment job like this don't come along very often if you think you're the one for the job call me right away set up an interview right away looking forward to see who shows up.

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