Serama Chickens - $50 (Tonopah)

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Most of these little ones are pet quality Serama. Some have wry tail, which is crooked tail (will note those ones) but all of them are still wonderful, loving, little birds for your flock or home. All are at least 6 months old. You should only buy Serama who have been aged and allowed to mature, this way you know what you're getting. The pose takes time to mature.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Do feel free to ask for videos. I know them all very well and know exactly who their parents are and when they were born. I'm also very knowledgeable on Serama in general and enjoy helping others learn. Most of them just need a home to make room for my main rooster's offspring. I have decided to just focus on his bloodline because he is my favorite.

1. He is a beautiful rooster. He has a bit of Modern Serama in his blood. Little shy on the table but could be worked with. I think he has some maturing left to do, but I don't expect too much of a pull back. He was an offspring of a project I was working on and I just don't honestly know how long the maturing on that bloodline takes. It's been about 8 months and I expect the year mark to get his final pose. Asking $50 for him.

2. She is a kind little hen. She is broody at the moment. She has been a good little brooder and loves her chicks. Kind of felt confident on the table but that could be because of being broody. She's not exactly a show bird, but I like to talk about their confidence non the less. Asking $50 for her.

3. His name is Vee. I love this one. He's has a decent pose from time to time but is table shy. He is a mix of two beautiful bloodlines. Asking $50 for him.

4. She is rather loving. She unfortunately has wry tail. Neither of her parents have it so she was a surprise baby. Seems table shy. Asking $30 for her.

5. Sold

6. Sold.

7. This is an astonishing hen. She was going to be a keeper right up until she developed wry tail. She is perfect in every other way. You could potentially breed with her if you know what you're doing. I've had her on the table before and she showed potential. I stopped putting her on the table when she got wry and she seemed shy today. Very sweet and needs a good home. Asking $40 for her.

8. Is probably my favorite rooster on here. He doesn't have the pull back pose like I wanted but I'm personally a sucker for his darker genes. The legs are beautiful. His deep brown eyes are as well and I enjoy watching him. He is a bit flighty without his hen but will calm down. I've had him on the table hundreds of times and he's just okay there. Asking $50 for him.

9. Very loving to humans but will potentially get into it with other roosters. He doesn't have the worst pose but he's kinda big. More confident in the coop than on the the table. He'd make a good friend. Asking $30 for him.

10. He's table shy atm and holding back. He's not gonna win a show but could be worked with to be fun on the table. Not really wanting to sell him but I need space. Asking $70 for him. He won't let you down.

11. Sold.

12. Didn't feel like taking a new pic of this one as he looks the same. Decided to keep him for a bit after a customer fell through. I wanted to see if he gained a better pose with age (he didn't really). He's just a beautiful color and very kind. He deserves a good loving home with a flock of hens. He can be yours for $40.

Example is just that, an example. He is what a show quality Serama rooster looks like. When I first got into Serama I got tricked into buying lower quality when I expected high quality. That's not what I'm about. These guys are all great for different reasons but they won't win you a show.

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