Friendly budget trash / junk removal/Rock removal (Valley Wide)

Hi I do junk removal. I believe in upfront pricing and all of my upfront pricing is for 1 full Trailer Load. I work with contractors, landlords, Apartment complex’s and people Who are planning to do a home renovation. no need for big dumpster eyesore in your front yard. other people throwing their trash in your dumpster and you having to pay for their trash. No month-to-month billing just call us when you need trash removal. Doing some spring cleaning of your garage/shed. Moving out and you want all your trash picked up To get your security deposit back. Or maybe you just trimmed up all your plants and bushes and you need all that waste hauled way. Maybe you just want small bush cut down and removed.We can do all of this and still charge you Less than most people.

$25-$80 Store Delivery**
$80 Moving*
$50-$150 Junk/trash Removal**
$120 Concrete/Tile/Brick/ asphalt***
$120-$200 Mixed loads of dirt/grass. ***
$80-$150 small tree removal***
$20 long distance fee
multiple load discounts on 2nd load****

**Store Delivery**
this is for store furniture / TV / Building materials and big stuff that will not fit in you Car/Truck/SUV. This will include me going to the store with you and bringing it to your house. I will also help you unload it and bring it in your house/backyard/garage. you will need to have a extra person there to help me unload stuff that needs 2 people.

this will include 1 load. it will include me helping you load and unload your items. I will bring moving blankets / moving dolly/ floor dolly and will not charge you extra to use them. This price is for my trailer loading and unloading. Not a Uhaul loading/unloading.

**Trash removal**
The max $150 will be 1 full load of household items/ Cloths/Old TV/Furniture/Washers/Dryers/Building materials. I will need to put the trailer cover over it and not have thinks flying out of the sides or out the trailer to be road safe. We do smaller loads and pickup also if you dont have a full load. Multiple loads discounts after 2nd load or more

This is for CLEAN stuff only. NO ORGANIC MATERIALS AT ALL OR PLASTIC. This also will include me loading it into the trailer. I will only load my trailer to a safe driving limit. I can take 4,600lb max per load. This weight limit is do to my trailers load capacity limits and my Suburban max towing limits. Dumping fees are Included with this price. This price is for ground to trailer loads only. NO ORGANIC MATERIALS AT ALL. This material is recycled into new materials to be reused and not end up in a landfill.

***Mixed loads***
Mixed loads is Dirt and grass mix. Heavy material debris mix that will not the accepted at the recycling facility.

***Tree/Bush Removal***
Small tree that are 10inch or smaller at the trunk base and that are small in height. Can also cut down bushes and haul them away. All tree and bushes will be cut down and hauled away. Only thing extra we charge is for stump removal of the Bush/Tree. So if you just don't like a bush in you yard we can cut it down and remove it for less. All trees must be away from any structure for us to remove it.

**** wheelbarrow charge****
It will not be charged for household or building materials.the wheelbarrow charge is for any and all wheelbarrowing that needs to be done for dirt/rock loads. This charge is do to the extra work that needs to be done. Wheelbarrowing Requires loading to wheelbarrow and then unloading into trailer from wheelbarrow. Basically 1 trailer load of 2 tons have to be moved twice and is the equivalent of moving 4 tons for a 2 ton trailer load. The wheelbarrow charge is for dirt/rock only.

****$20 Long Distance****

Far East Valley
Loop 303
Fountain Hills

We would have to charge a extra $20 for longer distance. This is do to the extra gas it would take to get to you or your moving distance. You might live 30-45 miles from the cheaper dump location. Or it might by 1 hr driving time too get to your location. This price would be on the first load only.

***Cheaper Rock Removal***
If you can find a place to dump your Landscape Rock/Dirt for free it will help you with dumping fees. this will help you get more for your money and could save you on paying for a extra loads.

because i work by the load. every load would need payment after it is loaded and ready to go. If no payment load will be unloaded. I charge by the load not by the job. Invoices on request and are e-mailed.

Please send Pictures to see what needs to be done.

Multiple load discounts***
If there will be multiple loads i will give a discount after the 2nd load.
Bobcat/tractor loading. I can give discount on loading with your Bobcats/tractor if your loading with a bobcat or tractor.

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